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Sep 28, 2009 08:18 PM

Sauce in Glastonbury Ct

Has anyone been to "Sauce" since last friday night?

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  1. hey...i drove by on my way home tonight...(monday) and sauce is closed. were you there friday night

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    1. re: christiane314

      "I know a guy...."

      Who called me on Saturday and said it closed after service on Friday...but I didn't want to begin a thread without someone else seeing it as well...

      a well intended concept by nice people...unfortunately a victim of thge economy and a little bit of "the same old stuff" that is becoming so prevalent among restaurants...

      1. re: sodagirl

        I ate there maybe 8 months or a year ago. I can't specifically remember what I had enough to review it, but it is no shame that the place closed. it was an unimpressive meal. I do specifically remember that the sauce (ironically) was extremely underseasoned and not flavorful.

    2. Too many new tables opened up in Glastonbury in the past 3 years for all of them to survive. I've been to most, and have to say that Sauce was the least impressive from both an "interest" and "value" standpoint. Tango, 2 Hopewell, Sakura Garden, Plan B, and Max Fish, to name a few, are all more appealing in their own way compared to what Sauce offered. The Italian menu at Sauce was never unique enough and the food coming out of the kitchen was never stunning enough to make one veer away from Pazzo, Luna's, Max Amore, or a host of other local stand-by spots like Angelo's or Parma. Not to say that Sauce wasn't better than some of these places. But not so much better as to justify the price or attitude. Hope a new, more innovative restaurant moves into the space, because it is a great location.

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      1. re: FoodieJim

        I guess I have not been by there in the last week but I have been told that the place is already cleared out. When it first opened it was a spectacular place. The food was excellent. Then the executive chef left and the place stumbled. It never really regained its footing after that. I am sorry to hear that it finally closed. I always hoped it would have regained its footing.

        Interestingly I hear an Italian place is coming into the Tribeca Cafe spot further up on Hebron Avenue. Anyone know anything about it? Jay

        1. re: JayCT

          I had high hopes for the place when it opened, the food was excellent. Unfortunately, on subsequent visits it was apparent they lost their momentum. Interesting that another Italian place is opening, the cuisine seems to be all the rage again!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. As of the Wed. hartford courant Sauce has gone out of bussiness