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Sep 28, 2009 08:11 PM

Calgary Tower -Good, Bad or Ugly?

My precious Mother- In-Law is having her birthday when we are on holidays so we want to take her somewhere special before we go away. I searched Calgary Tower but there were no reviews.
Has anyone heard how it is recently?
I often tell my wife that if I had not married her I would have married her mother. That would have made me my wif's dad.
Dean in Red Deer

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  1. About a year ago the Concorde Group (Mercury, Bungalow, Flames Central) took over operations of the restaurant on top of the tower and renamed it Sky 360. Executive Chef (Alain Chabot) used to be at Muse, Teatro and Il Sogno so between the two there is a pretty decent pedigree. I took my wife for our 10 year anniversary (with daughter in tow) and had a great time. No complaints whatsoever on the food. I had mushroom chowder to start with Carbonara for main. wife had Grilled Organic Salmon. Daughter had what she has in every restaurant we go to... chicken fingers and fries. These too were above and beyond your standard fare. For dessert we all shared the banana split. Dinner took close to one hour (or one entire revolution around the city). We went on a Friday night and it was packed. Would go again for another special occassion.

    1. Mixed reviews for Sky 360 it seems. fwiw I loved Chabot's work at Il Sogno: - against - for

      If it's a view and unique setting you're looking for, then The Ranche would also fit the bill.

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        Sorry for being off topic but have you been back to Il Sogno since Chabot's departure?

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          It was delicous, but the 4-course Chef's surprise was $85 and consisted of things off the menu that would have been less than $65 a la carte.

          1. re: hsk

            Sorry hsk I just want to be sure - are you referring to Sky 360 or (post-Chabot) Il Sogno?

            1. re: maplesugar

              I was referring to Il Sogno.

              I haven't been to Sky 360 to dine, only to a wine tasting (the hors d'oevres were excellent, but I think it was before Chabot came on board) although I intend to, hopefully soon.

              1. re: hsk

                Thanks hsk, sometimes technical snafus mean replies end up in the wrong place - just wanted to make sure I knew which restaurant you meant. :)

          2. re: Hart50

            No, but it's on my (rather long) list. I live in Sylvan Lake now though so not sure when I'll get back there.

        2. Word on the street is that Chabot brought along all his favorite cooks from Belvedere with him to the Tower (I think a few followed to ll Sogno, as well). They are a very talented crew, so I would expect a good dining experience.

          1. I actually went there before it was renamed Sky 360. I and my family loved it, the service was superb and the food was wonderful. I don't imagine it's gone downhill too much and I will say one thing, the view is truly spectacular. It's certainly worth going.

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            1. re: AriaDream

              Yes I'd been a few times before it was Sky 360, I loved the semi-circular booths facing the windows, the view really was spectacular and a really good place to take out-of-town visitors. I understand now you get free elevation when you have a reservation. In the old days that alone added a chunk to the (fairly pricey) tab.

              1. re: hsk

                Yeah, I went in the bad old days. :) I'm glad they changed that, it was really harsh.

            2. SO???

              Has anyone been here in 2010?
              Or even have a review since the wonder team took over the kitchen?
              Sounds like a slam dunk, but I would love some feedback that is current, as it's my daughters birthday soon, and she really wants to eat up there before we move away from Calgary, I was thinking just dessert, but by the time you pay $14 to get to the top, you might as well eat and entree so your lift is free... well that is if it's going to be good!

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                I was there for a Christmas party in December. I thought the food was very good. Not sure about the prices as it was paid by someone else. Really liked the garlicky squash? soup. Salmon and the chocolate dessert were good.

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                  I also had a Christmas party there in December, and liked the food. I had the goat cheese terrine which was small but tasty, and prime rib (?), which was also good but a small portion. The service was fine, although they didn't make nearly enough coffee for my co-workers and I.

                  1. re: CookieGal

                    Went a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty good. Had the pork belly w/ noodles appy, it was great except for the weird piece at the bottom. Wife had the mushroom soup, it was excellent (had a few spoonfuls myself). For mains, I had the chicken which was pretty good if just ever so slightly dry. Wife had the salmon which she said was great. For dessert we had the chocolate sampler which was excellent.

                    Prices were quite reasonable, I thought. Service was fine, friendly and prompt.

                    Make sure you get reservations, they're very busy.