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Sep 28, 2009 08:09 PM

When Pigs Fly

I've got to ask if people know about this fantastic bakery in Kittery, ME. I'm definitely stopping by on my downeast Maine trip this weekend. The web site indicates several locations. How about a loaf of Orange, Toasted Walnut, Cranberry for your next turkey sandwich? Or some chocolate bread toasted (with peanut butter) to go with that cup of coffee? Take a look at:

Sorry, don't how I got this small font and don't know how to correct it at this point.

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  1. Their breads have been distributed to many Boston area markets for years now, and they opened a shop in Coolidge Corner a couple of years ago. They are pretty good, but they don't offer any sourdough breads, which is a deal breaker for me.

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    1. re: Science Chick

      I tried the supermarket bread a few times but found it dry and unremarkable.

      1. re: greygarious

        Yeah, it's presliced and plastic bagged. I imagine if you get it directly at the bakery and slice yourself it would be far superior.

      2. re: Science Chick

        Me too, I paid $5 for a HALF a loaf of pumpkin seed bread, I got home all excited to make a sandwich, and It was hard, dry, and tasted stale. I checked the "baked on" date which was the day before, so it should have at least tasted somewhat decent. Sorry, but for $10 a loaf, I won't buy again.

        1. re: Science Chick

          Their bread is inferior to the Clear Flour Bakery, also in Coolidge Corner. I'm always v. disappointed when someone brings bread from WPF. It is always dry / stale / tasteless.

        2. I have tried the chocolate bread and enjoyed that, but find most of their offerings unremarkable. They're very popular in the Seacoast region and are beginning to open outlets all over the place.

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            What always interested me about their breads (obviously not enough, because I never bought any) is that you can buy it par-baked and finish it off in the oven yourself. I would think that would be far superior to buying it already baked, sliced and in a plastic bag. Has anyone tried that? Is it indeed better?

          2. When Pigs Fly has two locations in/near Kittery. One is a small store at the actual factory/bakery, itself; the other is a larger store nearby. Both places offer samples, but the stand-alone store (the one not attached to the factory) offers way more samples and carries addition products, such as jams, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, cookies, bread pudding, some cold drinks, etc. You buy a whole loaf in either place and they will machine-slice it for you, if you like. IMO, their bread quality has declined in the past year. Perhaps they are trying to save on cost, since the loaf size has decreased, as well. My favorites are the olive loaf and the potato-onion-dill loaf. I suggest sampling before buying. Some of their breads that sound good (or at least interesting) just don't taste very good.

            1. I'm not a big fan of When Pigs Fly. My wife thinks their six grain and pumpkin seed is fantastic - but she never has to worry about sharing it with me. And their "New York Rye" appears to have been created without ever visiting New York.

              In Kittery, my favorite bakery is Beach Pea Baking:

              I can only vouch for the breads, having bravely ignored all the sweets when there.

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              1. re: srgoodman

                I've purchased the supposedly fresh Olive Rosemary and Baquette's at the Kittery store. It was tasty but on the stale side and this has been the case multiple times.

                Its good bread but not anything to go out of your way for and I definitely wouldn't buy it at the local supermarket as it would be more than a couple of days old.

                1. re: DaveCan

                  So funny reading all of these posts, because I think that the WPF bread purchased at the stores is totally fresh and moist. I love the apple/cinnamon and the pumpkin/date breads. The sourdough is a staple in our kitchen! I like shopping at the Kittery store because they give samples of everything including the amazing chocolate chip cookies and tea cakes. My kids love the chocolate bread, which they toast and top with ice cream and chocolate sauce. But the bottom line is that I enjoy supporting a local business!

                  1. re: majik

                    I think a lot of the remarks pertain to the bread sold in supermarkets versus the bakery outlet shops. I think it's great you like to support local businesses, but the businesses still must be competitive and offer fresh, tasty and affordable products. The same goes for the local farmers.

                    1. re: bewley

                      Their bread is available in local supermarkets but we've been disappointed--it comes across as heavy-handed and characterless. Much prefer bread from The Good Loaf, but you have to live in southern NH to get it--in Manchester available at A Market.

                      1. re: whs

                        Love the Pumpkin Seed loaf! Whole Foods carries their breads.


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                          Whs- you remind me of another good local (NH) baker with some distribution around Southern NH, Abigail's Bakery.

                          It's a small family bakery not far from where I live and their focus is organic baked goods. I go to their store but I've seen their bread at A Market and a few other stores. Unfortunately I don't see a link on their site indicating where their bread is sold but a call or email should get you that info. It's very good bread.