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Sep 28, 2009 08:04 PM

Margarita's- the Mexican restaurant underneath the Waterloo Hotel on King Street North in Waterloo

Has anyone visited Margarita's? Is it connected in any way to the Las Margaritas on University Avenue in Waterloo that shows up on Tripadvisor?

How is it?

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  1. Is it open yet? I'm curious about this one too.

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    1. re: RYP

      It's open ! I haven't been yet myself but have friends who've already ate there.
      They said it's tasty but still need to roll out the kinks in the service area.

    2. The Las Margaritas on Tripadvisor is on University ave, Waterloo, Iowa. It confused me too.

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      1. re: Chris Forsyth

        thanks for the clarification ;-)

      2. Nice place, too bad about the food. Overpriced and low quality.

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        1. re: mikehau

          Agreed. Overpriced, low quality, service needs work. Too bad because we really need a good Mexican restaurant in town.

        2. Looks like Las Margaritas is a chain based out of BC with several locations in Vancouver.

          On a side note the title of the tread got me kind of excited. Margaritas was a mini chain of Tex Mex restos in New England where I grew up. They were originally called Margaritaville for several years until Jimmy Buffet's lawyers stepped in sometime in the mid '80s.

          1. I've munched upstairs at the Kitchener Farmers market at the little Mexican food concession. Decent, tasty and crazy cheap.