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Sep 28, 2009 07:19 PM

Pork Shanks in Edmonton

Are they called something else here? I've only seen them in a restaurant on Vancouver island because they ran out of ribs. They were so delicious I want to try to replicate them. Have you seen them around town?

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  1. Ben's Meats & Deli on Stony Plain Road.

    1. Victoria Trail Sausage (not on Victoria Trail but 118 Ave) has had them in the past. But I would call head.

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      1. re: pengcast

        You could certainly call Andy's IGA, if he doesn't have it, he should be able to get it. I got my Veal shank from them.

      2. I would skip Ben's to be honest. Their quality and prices have both changed a lot the last couple of years...too bad..