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Sep 28, 2009 06:08 PM

Fresh Pasta - to cook at home - in LA?

I'm looking to buy fresh pasta here in know, ravioli, tortellini and fettucini...sortof like Raffeto's (sp?) on Houston in NYC...I've tried all the commercial fresh pasta - Monterey, Buitoni's sort of gross - gummy etc...

I've had the frozen pasta at bay cities...not bad, but sort of pricey for about $8 for a little more than a single serving.

Any suggestions?


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    1. re: Baron

      Wrong answer...they only have commercially produced fact, of all the one's i've tried, they are the worst.

    2. Find the folks from Mangi con Amore. They sell at the Irvine farmers' market and I am telling you, they're as good or better than anything I found in Losaida. Their ravioli di zucca (very seasonal right now!) are things of beauty. I believe it's $7 for a dozen ravioli (frozen) and $5 for twelve ounces of trofie.

      1. I actually like to use the fresh egg noodles you can find at chinese markets like 99 ranch. if you get a broader/wider noodle, it's great as a tagliatelle substitute. eat it with bolognese all the time.

        1. Good question -- here's a follow-up: Does anyone have a Southern California source for hand-stretched (as opposed to slippery machine-rolled) fresh pasta? Nothing beats the pitted, non-uniform surface texture of hand-stretched pasta for hanging onto sauces and pleasing the Italian taste, especially for those of us who had Italian grandmothers. I've never heard of commercially available, real homemade pasta but thought I would ask.

          1. Can't say whether it's hand-stretched or not, but:

            Cube (formerly the Devine Pasta Co)

            615 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

            (323) 939-1148

            It's now an eatery as well but still sells fresh pasta.