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Sep 28, 2009 05:43 PM


Now that most of the benies have gone for the summer, it is time to get back out there eat in some of my favorites shore restaurants. Does anyone know if and when Seagrass will be having their pre-fixed menus again?

If anyone knows of any other restaurants that have pre-fixed, please post.

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  1. Where is Seagrass located? Doesn't sound familiar.

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      Babs16, this is the dining down list for next month in Red Bank.
      Price fixed. Runs 10/6-10/28/09

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        Thanks HillJ Have you enjoyed anyone in particular? Did u buy any rest. coupons from this month? I picked up several new ones and will be trying them out. Great prices!!!!!!!!!!

        1. re: Babs16

          Red, Bistro, Downtown, Via, Danny's. It's a short list next month but still worthwhile for dining adventures. I have my fav dish @ each one. Enjoy Babs!

          Re my dh & I tend to use these coupons on trips/travel than @ home. But the discount program itself is fun to use.

            1. re: Babs16

              My pleasure.
              I enjoyed the lamb pops @ Seagrass, just delicious!

      2. I hope Seagrass runs the price fixed winter special menu again. I think last year it started in October. I guess we will see very shortly if that is their plan again this winter.