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Sep 28, 2009 05:31 PM

Has anyone ever been to on Front (next to the Jason George)? It seems to be constantly empty ... this may have something to do with the decor and the staff!

The decor is poor ... even though they have apparently only just opened following yet another refit.

The staff are very slow .... the last time I was there one of the staff (the only waiter in the place) was in the bathroom when we came in and when he came out of the loo he actually jumped about 6 feet in the air as he was scared that we were there! Interesting as the door was open and they were open. He then proceeded to assume we wanted take away and after we managed to make him understand we wanted food he tried to give us both the same drink!!!

Now, on to the food ... I had Won Ton soup and sweet potato fries and my husband had combination (chicken, shrimp and beef) phad thai! The food is really really good ... the only reason we keep going back. The Won Ton soup was really nicely done with a gorgeous broth and very succulent Won Tons. The sweet potato fries were thick and really nicely cooked not even slightly greasy, they came with something called thai ketchup which was very interesting and very moreish although became a bit vinegary after a while. My husbands phad thai was delicious, not a hint of ketchup or standard sauces, in fact I don't think I have ever tasted anything like it before.

So has anyone else been here? What do you think?

If you haven't been and you have time (they are not the fastest) then I highly recommend it.

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  1. Thank you for this. We've been curious about it but haven't yet braved it. Frankly we are nervous as this place has gone through so many recent incarnations: Cafe Asia, then Market Fresh (following a Restaurant Makeover) then Cafe Asia again, then Red Plum (for like a week this spring) and finally (which re-used the sign letters from Cafe Asia). One of the owners opened up the Corner Place a few doors west, and I guess he liked the prospects there better because he said he was selling his share in the location to the other owners. And so here we are.

    Oddly enough the last few restaurants in this space suffered from pretty bad food with friendly service. Now it sounds like the opposite! But I can deal with awkward service like you described if the food is good! Maybe it will be worth trying, and if they get some more practice the service will improve.

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      Yeah we witnessed the multiple reincarnations ... hadn't realized it had been a Restaurant Makeover though ... missed that one but the first time we tried it was Red Plum.