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Spaetzle maker?

Anybody seen spaetzle makers for sale locally at a modest price?

I can order one online for $16 including shipping, so I don't want to spend more than that.

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  1. My ex bought me one yrs. ago locally...can't remember where though. I'll bet The Junket in El Cerrito Plaza either has them or can tell you where to get one. I love spaetzle!!!!!

    1. You might try City Discount, on Polk Street (betwn California and Sacramento). I don't know offhand if they have a spaetzle maker specifically, but I was there recently and their inventory of pasta makers and similarly specialized instruments is good, with reasonable prices.

        1. There is a German store on Broadway in RWC. I am not sure what they might have/not have, but I would imagine it would be a good place to start

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            Lehr's in SF has one, but it's crazy expensive.

          2. My Hungarian nokedli (same as spaetzle) maker is essentially the same as a one-sided coarse grater, with slightly deeper sides to hold the batter in; it came with a metal spatula for scraping the batter through the holes.

            1. are you going to be at the chowhound picnic on Saturday? I'll give you mine.

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                Traditional Swabian spaetzle is made by dough pushed through the holes of a colander preferably large holed(as szeglin mentioned),large holed sieve,ricer or spaetzle maker with larger holes, over boiling water and dropped in.I feel the colander works fine and the spaetzle maker is just one more thing in the drawer unless you use it a lot.

              2. You could try Sur La Table on 4th. Street in Berkeley, but $16, including shipping, sounds pretty good., if you are talking about the metal gizmo with holes and a moving metal receptacle on top of it. However, making spaezle using just a cutting board and a knife or spatula is almost as easy and super authentic:

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                  Nothing in the database at Sur la Table or W-S.

                  1. I gave up a while ago trying to find an equally cheap one locally and just went ahead and ordered. It came fast and works great.

                    That being said, maybe Lehr's would have a cheap one? The only thing that Sur La Table had when I went looking was a ridiculously high priced one.

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                      I have one option for you but I don't know if it's the type of spaetzle maker you're looking for. If you want the sliding type the cheapest I've found is about $12-16. If you can use a ricer with 2 plates (one fine and one coarse) Berkeley Bowl Main(east) has one for $4.09. The coarse plate may be smaller than you want but since it's 4 bucks so I thought I'd pass it on. (they have them, I checked). However, in searching I found online something I've never seen before but looks interesting. My preference has always been the food mill style spaetzle maker as I have found the slider type too small for batter. What I found is something called a "spaetzle tray that fits over a pot of variable size and comes with a nylon scraper. It looks the most user friendly but it's 24.95 plus ship so out of your original request but I pass it along for interest. I found it on www.fantes.com