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Sep 28, 2009 05:27 PM

Spaetzle maker?

Anybody seen spaetzle makers for sale locally at a modest price?

I can order one online for $16 including shipping, so I don't want to spend more than that.

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  1. My ex bought me one yrs. ago locally...can't remember where though. I'll bet The Junket in El Cerrito Plaza either has them or can tell you where to get one. I love spaetzle!!!!!

    1. You might try City Discount, on Polk Street (betwn California and Sacramento). I don't know offhand if they have a spaetzle maker specifically, but I was there recently and their inventory of pasta makers and similarly specialized instruments is good, with reasonable prices.

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          1. There is a German store on Broadway in RWC. I am not sure what they might have/not have, but I would imagine it would be a good place to start

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              Lehr's in SF has one, but it's crazy expensive.