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Sep 28, 2009 05:07 PM

Pamposh, Santa Rosa

Had a very good relaxing dinner here last night. My son and friend recommended it, they go often.
Three of us shared all the food. For an app we had the Aloo Gobi which was Cauliflower and potatoes garnished with tomatoes and cilantro.
This was nicely spiced and the sauce was sopped up with the two orders of delicious nan, one plain and one topped with basil, garlic and spices.

Entrees were Lamb Boti Kebab from the Tandoori oven which was Cubes of boneless lamb marinated in spices and lemon juice.
Chicken in apricot sauce, a chef specialty, Boneless chicken cubes cooked in apricot sauce with herbs.
Chicken Jal Frazzey was Chicken curry in a sauce of bell peppers, ginger, onions, garlic, cilantro, homemade cheese and spices.

All three were ordered "medium" hot and all three were on the mark for flavor and heat.
We were plenty full but split a Pamposh custard, a chef specialty, which consists of Saffron custard absolutely full with fresh seasonal fruit.

A great night of delicious Indian food, service is excellent and the owners are very friendly and helpful with the menu.
If I lived close by I would be here at least once a week.
Here is some additional information.

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  1. In checking out the lunch menu online, I am a little disappointed at how limited the lunch menu appears to be.

    1. Last week I tried Pamposh for the first time. I went at lunch, took a seat outside on the patio and ordered the chole bhatura, $7.75.

      The menu described the bhatura as “puffed naan”. I’d say these weren’t so puffed, more like a piece of flat bread dropped into the deep fryer until soaked through with grease.

      Better execution on the chole with firmish chickpeas and a rather complex tomato-based curry gravy brightened with fresh tomatoes and cilantro o top. I’d asked for spicy, and this was plenty hot yet in balance with the other flavor elements and not just doused with cayenne.

      I’m not likely to order this dish again, due to the poor bhatura, but I’d certainly return to try something else.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Thanks for the update Melanie, have not been back to Pamposh since my first report. Thread drift, have you tried Saigon Bistro the new Vietnamese restaurant in Windsor where Bistro M was.
        Been hearing some good things and will give it a try when we're out there in a few weeks.

        1. re: tom246

          Coming out for crush again? Cool, always look forward to your reports.

          Nope, haven't tried Saigon Bistro yet.