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Sep 28, 2009 04:02 PM

Brooklyn Birthday Lunch for Mom

Hello - I would really appreciate any and all restaurant suggestions. Here's the deal - i want to throw a birthday lunch for my mom's 60th birthday on Saturday and invite her mother, a few friends and relatives. So about 8-10 women ranging in age from 30 - 80. What restaurant would you guys suggest. None of the women involved are foodies. Essentially I'm looking for a relaxed, casual restaurant that would still be appropriate for a special occasion like this Birthday lunch. Price - around $30-$40 per person. Nicer than Juniors - not as fancy as River Cafe. Ideal neighborhood - Fort Greene.

Thanks all.

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  1. Downtown Atlantic is casual, has good but not "foodie" food, can provide a table for ten, a birthday cake or cupcakes and meets your price range. We recently had dinner there in a party of 6 including my father's widow (87) and her grandson (30) and were quite pleased. IIRC, their regular bathrooms are downstairs, but they do have a handicapped one at ground level if that is an issue for your grandmother.

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      I strongly second Downtown Atlantic.

      There's plenty of metered street parking on Atlantic Ave. as well.

    2. ICI in Ft Greene! I went to a birthday there -- FANTASTIC. Pretty room, but not too too - same with the service and the food, which is very well done and tasty without being intimidating. Call ahead -- they used to be open breakfast-lunch-dinner, not sure what they do now.

      1. I threw a small birthday party for my wife at Chez Lola on Myrtle Ave - really great. Worth checking out.