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Sep 28, 2009 03:56 PM

Portable Oven options - propane or electric?

I am trying to find some information about portable oven options, and am really coming up empty! All I have found are camping ovens, but even those seem a little light as far as performance.

Any guidance would be appreciated!


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  1. It shouldn't be that hard to find an electric oven. For about $50, I purchased a Black & Decker oven about 12 years ago from Walmart and it has worked fine over the years. It's larger than a standard toaster oven and big enough to roast a whole chicken or half a brisket. For a couple years it was my primary oven. It is only used now as an auxiliary for big holiday meals when one oven isn't enough. I see similar ones all the time at store displays where small appliances are sold. I wouldn't consider propane unless you plan to use it where there is no electricity.

    1. When I was catering, we would use portable convection ovens (electric), and they did a really good job. I had two of them - one was given to me, and the other I bought used on ebay for a pretty moderate price.