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Sep 28, 2009 02:47 PM

Porter & Frye (MSP)

Has anyone eaten here recently and had a good experience? (Or bad.) Also, is it a nice choice for a romantic dinner? Would Restaurant Alma be better?

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  1. I've heard mixed reviews of P&F, especially since Steven Brown is gone, but I have never had a bad experience at Alma. It's my favorite in the Twin Cities, so I would definitely cast my vote for Alma. The menu looks incredible right now.

    1. We went in March right after Joan Ida was hired for a birthday dinner. The meal, we thought, was on par with Alma, our server was great, plus the surroundings are more upscale the Alma's dining room. (it was a b-day, we wanted a more glamorous atomosphere.) Has anyone out there been lately and can comment?

      1. Looking to refresh this topic.

        I was here recently and thought the meal and drinks were great. I've not been to Alma, so I cannot compare. The 4 of us were only joined by 2 other tables in the whole place. Does anyone else have a recent experience to share?

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          i went to p&f for lunch a couple of weeks ago and had a very good steak salad

        2. A friend and I went to P&F in February. We were extremely impressed with both the service and the quality of the food. I can't recall many specifics about what we ate, but I remember we started with a seafood dish in a saffron sauce and for the entree I believe we had tuna. My friend and I split both the appetizer and entree and the kitchen carefully prepared two beautiful plates of each. The restaurant was probably half full, mostly with people who looked like business travelers. I would definitely go back and would rate our meal as high as any of the 5 or so meals I've had at Alma.

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            hmm. i believe p&f has had a pretty major chef change since feb-- joan ida is no longer there, and the menu changed.

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              Good to know - having a toddler means I'm way less up on the fine dining scene than I used to be. February seems like yesterday!