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Sep 28, 2009 02:45 PM

Birthday dinner recs for a seattle newbie

Just moved to Seattle from Brooklyn and so far am a little homesick in terms of good, casual dining. My husband's birthday is this weekend and I'd like rec's on a good restaurant.

Looking for something New American and/or particularly Northwest (fresh seafood, etc.) Relaxed atmosphere, but still lively, maybe something with a bar. Moderately priced, not too expensive. Somewhere you can linger over your glass of wine and take your time on dessert.

Our favorite place in nyc was a casual, boisterous Italian restaurant that had great pastas, an inexpensive wine list, sidewalk dining and was open late.

(Please don't post just to tell me to search other threads, as I have already done some of that, and Chowhound has just about the worst search feature ever. If you don't want to recommend, keep your comments to yourself.)

Also, bonus to anyone who can recommend a good bar for after dinner.

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  1. The Palace Kitchen might fit both your needs. For the combination you describe, I would also recommend the Pink Door.

    1. Try searching on Seattle yelp- start your search really broad and narrow it with specifics.

      Suggestions of maybes-
      La Spiga
      Steelhead Diner
      Tin Table

      After dinner bar-
      Tavern Law

      1. I would recommend Matt's in the Market.

        1. Thanks for the great recs. Tin Table looks great. So does Matt's but it is closed this weekend--they are cooking at James Beard.

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            I've alternated between Dahlia Lounge and Palace Kitchen for my birthday dinner for years, really love both. Other favorites are Cafe Campagne and Matt's--sorry to hear the latter won't work this weekend.

            1. re: casspants

              That's too bad that Matt's is closed. What about the Art of the Table? It's New American/Northwest and has the relaxed, yet still lively, vibe.

            2. Northend ones come to mind first (where are you?). Bizarro, in Wallingford, Perche No, a few blocks away, Cantinetta, Tilth, Nell's, Elemental Next Door, Stumbling Goat Bistro,