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Sep 28, 2009 02:15 PM

kielbasa survey

Hi. I need opinions on the best commercially available kielbasa in CT. Must be made in Ct and able to be shipped (i.e., come vacuumed sealed). So far my favorite is Martin Rosol's Easter kielbasa, but despite what the company spokesperson tells me, I have been unable to find it locally (Manchester). How Is Janik (Enfield)? Does Nodine make such an item?

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  1. I have bought Nodines locally and it's good.

    1. Martin Rosols is good. I also like Blue Seal kilbasa. It is made in Chicopee Ma. and you can find it at Big Y stores. It comes vacuum sealed.

      1. Even though I'm a Connecticut resident, I have to say that my favorite is Blue Seal out of Chicopee, MA. If that doesn't work for you, Martin Rosol and Grote and Weigel both produce a good product.

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        1. re: moskey

          ditto...the Blue Seal is the gold standard.

          1. re: Shooley

            Ayep. Their patties are great even. I like 'em on a roll with some provolone or swiss and a little mustard.

          2. re: moskey

            I also prefer Blue Seal. It's very lean and tastes great. You can get it at Big Y in Mass. all year, but I have also found it in Ct. Big Y's around the holiday. Last Easter they had it with horseradish in it. Very good.

          3. I like Janik's and recently (11/09) purchased it at the Super A&P on the Berlin Tpke in Webster Square- they make a damn good sausage. Rosols Easter Keilbassy is excellent as is Mucke's. Hummel's and Grote and Weigel aren't bad either. Do you have any info on Nodine? I am not familiar with them.

            1. not sure if they ship, but I feel any discussion of kielbasa in Ct would be incomplete without mentioning Wozniak's in New Haven.

              Wozniak Meat Products
              835 Grand Ave
              New Haven, CT 06511
              (203) 562-0478

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                  The absolute best in Ct. Worth the ride to buy Easter keilbasa.