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Sep 28, 2009 01:57 PM

Oyster Events

Any feedback on the Flying Fish Oysterfest OR Elliott's Oyster New Year ???? Worth it? Too crowded??? Anything?

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  1. Go to the Shelton Oyster Fest this coming weekend. Worth it.

    1. I loved the one at Flying Fish.....not sure when it is coming, but it was great the last time I went. If you find out, let me know! great selection and great wines from winemakers that attended.

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      1. re: foodfellow

        It looks to be October 24th from 1-4.... may give it a try! Always fun to see the pile of shells out front.

        1. re: vagabundo

          I've gone to the Elliott's Oyster New Year a couple times - and it's pretty great. Local oysters as far as the eye can see, freshly shucked, and you'll eat until you hate oysters. Wine and beer are flowing - and the only thing that isn't great is some of the hot foods. Some is good, some is just OK. Admittedly, I have never paid to go - I have gotten comp tickets, so it's hard to say if its worth the price tag. The atmosphere is a little cold, but if you're going to gorge on all-you-can-eat oysters - worth it!