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Sep 28, 2009 01:53 PM

[Rio de Janeiro] Specific search: Leitão in Rio??

I'm sure there are some places that serve yummy roast piglet, but I don't know them...

Any tips will be appreciated....

Agredeço in advance....

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  1. Leitao a pururuca or any kind of roasted sucking pig? I know the chain A Mineira which has locations in Botofogo and Barra offers leitoa a pururuca on Saturdays. Haven't had the leitao and huge buffets aren't my thing, but it had a huge variety and was a decent value. I would think any larger restaurant mineiro would offer it some day of the week --if you search "culinaria mineira rio de janeiro" in Google MAPs you'll get some possible hits (also if you plan to go to the Regiao dos Lagos there are a bunch of restaurants mineiro in Niteroi). In other cities, moderate to high end churrascarias sometimes will include it in the rodezio and walk around serving leitao assado (I had it at one near Petropolis) but I don't know about RJ. Note that the churrascarias although the picanha is grilled with charcoal, usually leitao (and sometimes beef ribs) are done in the oven. Its worth going to the interior and finding somewhere which does leitao in a forno a lenha.

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      We're thinking about going to Petropolis next week. Won't have a car. How close? Thanks.

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        c oliver it was along the Estrada Uniao e Industria (eg BR-40 I think), which connects Petropolis to Juiz de Fora. Its been 5 years, but I believe it wasn't very close to the center of Petropolis, at least in Itaipava and probably futher.

        That said, Petropolis is certainly a chowish place to visit (and the whole region along the Est U&I). Although there are a lot of high end Italian, French, Portuguese, and other International cusines, there is more and more Brazilian national options at Pousadas, Hotel-fazendas, even sitios. And less formal por-kilo places which cook on a fogao a lenha, places for tira gostas (costela no bafo is something to look for in a barzinho around there). I can't give you a whole lot of specific suggestions about the centro or historic section of Petropolis, but its worth a visit. Be a bit careful in Petropolis at night, at least a few years ago the crack down in gangs in Rio led to more violence/assults in Petropolis and JF. One higher end Pousada/National restaurant which would be worth checking it is this:

        Feijoada Saturdays cooked on the wood stove, Portuguese cozido once a month....

        1. re: itaunas

          Thanks for the Petropolis recs. Still thinking about going later in the week. That particular pousada is R$350/night so a tad out of our price range. We've been once before but only a day trip. This time we want to spend a night if we go. Definitely want Brazilian food. Thanks again, itaunas.

    2. How about Gugut?
      Estrada do Rio Morto ,541
      Bairro: Vargem Grande
      CEP: 22783-210
      Telefone: 2428-1343

      1. Cochinillo at Entretapas (Conde de Irajá, 115 Botafogo)
        Maiallino di Latte at Torninha (Nobrega, 199 Jardim Icaraí, Niterói)