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I need new bistros in Paris

I'm spending a week in Paris this summer. I've been to many of the popular bistros in Paris and I would like to try some new ones. I've been to Le comptoir, Allard, L'Epi Dupin, L'ami Louis and Jean, Aux Lyonnais, Benoit, Le Papille, Josephine, Temp au Temp, Mon Veil Ami, Cafe Constant, L'Os a Moelle, Filamond, Regalade and I'm sure I'm missing some. I love great food and wine, but prefer Bistro style and prices. Please give me your suggestions.

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  1. Chez Denise, Quincy, Le Grand Pan for a few.

    1. Yes a fairly conservative/established list. On our last trip we ate at: Mama Shelter, Frenchie, Racines, Le Baratin, Le Chateaubriand, and Fish. All worth trying for different reasons.

      1. As DCM and PhilD say, plus Le Bistral, le Chateaubriand, la Fontaine de Mars, le Bistrot d'à Côté, l'Auberge Bressanne, Le Sévero, l'Ourcine, Christophe, Le Café de l'Industrie, le Dernier Métro, Le Villaret (for a spectacular wine list), La Grille, Chez Prosper, l'Avant-Gout, l'Opportun, Tante Louise

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          L'Opportun is fine, in particular for the ones who love red meat.
          Otherwise, I'd recommend La Cerisaie, only a couple of steps away (reservation is a must, since it's a tiny place).

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            Guess cheval is major red meat, was damn good there, good Tarte Tatin as well.

        2. La Ferrandaise near the Luxembough excellent food and very reasonable, I've always loved L'Ardoise and the quality is still there and I also enjoyed the L'Auberge de St Roch - delicious food and ridiculously reasonable

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            Perraudin; they have my current "crave dish"...tiny raviolis in frommage blanc that are DIVINE. My fav bistro.

          2. L' Ami jean....terrific food and not so touristy..Try it!
            Le gaigne...Amazing hidden Marais bistrot...its young chef worked long time at Pierre Gaignare's GAIA.
            Very good price /quality relationship at both places.

            1. Le Barbier
              20, rue de Monttessuy
              75007 Paris

              20-30€ . Closed Sat lunch, Sun/Mon all day.

              1. With all due respect to others, if you want new and best, try the Cartouche Cafe
                plus I've just put up today a piece on the Perfect Bistro:

                John Talbott

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                  Tiens, Addict, you have not "done" Frenchie. It is quite booked up, but see if it has a lunch spot or décommandation at dinner.
                  Hmm, perfect bistro. My idea of a perfect bistro should also be a fun place besides offering good eats. Example? Maybe Cal Pep in Barcelona. The last time I was there, we befriended the people on both sides of us on the counter and ended up sharing food without sharing a language. It was like a foodie commune.
                  Some places that are too serious about food are no fun. Feels like eating in some church cloister.

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                    Indeed, Frenchie is great and the Cartouche Cafe is the new Frenchie is the new Spring.
                    With all due respect, all the others, except Mama Shelter, if you're talking about next summer, to have BBQ in, are soooo last year.

                    John Talbott

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                      Merci, Parigi, I concur with your assessment of food & fun....I don't like stuffy. Next trip I'll dine at Frenchie, Cartouche, Quincy, & L'Epigramme & hopefully Spring. I'll be watching for Spring's official opening and reviews.