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Sep 28, 2009 01:12 PM

Need recommendation for cheap & cheerful dinner in St. Lawrence Market area.

Looking for a great restaurant (like Delux, Black Hoff) in the Front & Church area that is fairly inexpensive.

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  1. If you like French food (and particularly french onion soup), give Le Papillon a try. Best french onion soup I've ever had. It's on Front, just east of Church.

    1. I like Bier Market. It is on the Esplanade just under 2 mins walk from the St. Lawrence Market. I also like Hot House, on Front & Church. Their caramalized onion pizza is so good and they have a pasta buffet on Wednesdays. There is a Sushi place right next to the Pizza Pizza (Front & Church). They used to very good and the quality slipped a little but they are still good.

      Another thing you could do is visit St. Lawrence Market itself and do a foodie tour - maybe get some free samples and a couple of treats from the places below.

      Basement - The sushi place in the basement is great. Love the juice place in as the juice is extremely fresh and yummy. Pierogies at the East European place opposite the juice place is very good. The crepe place is nice as well. Stay away from teh Chinese food place. They used to be good but not that good anymore.
      First floor - great custard tarts at the Portugese place. Love the bagels at St. Urbain Bagel. You must try the seafood chowder at the Fish & Chips place.

      1. Give Weezie's a try. It should fit the bill.

        354 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1K9, CA