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Sep 28, 2009 12:56 PM

Sustainable Thanksgiving Turkey

I’m hosting my first Thanksgiving this year for a group of 18 people. Granted, only 14 will be having turkey, as the rest are vegetarian. I’m interested in, at the very least, researching a reputable farm/company to purchase a sustainable/local turkey from. I’m located in the city, so a delivery option would be ideal.

If anyone has any suggestions, they’re much appreciated! If it proves too much of a hassle, I will likely order directly from Whole Foods. Thanks!

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  1. Last year local sustainable turkey farmers took orders at Green City Market. Hopefully they will do that again this year.

    1. You might be a little late. Most places accept orders in June for a November order.

      Let us know how you do.


        ditto delk.

        Try calling Tom to see if he has any available.