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Sep 28, 2009 12:45 PM

Gelato/Ice Cream flavour selection strategy

When ordering gelato and getting multiple flavours, I tend to order the richer/stronger flavours first, as they tend to end up at the bottom of a cup (or cone). That way I can taste the more gentle flavours (typically fruit) first.

Also, I try to get flavours that complement each other -- e.g. fruit flavours with vanilla or yogurt or honey, choc and coffee and hazelnut, pistacchio and raspberry

What are some of your favourite ice cream/gelato combinations? Other ordering strategies?

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  1. zabaglione and cabernet

    grapefruit and pistachio

    1. Ah, see if I want "conflicting" flavors, I just order them in separate cups! Then again, I'm a separate eater...

      Back when I could eat ice cream and frozen yogurt...

      I also liked to get two different types of frozen yogurt, but I'd order almost all of one on the bottom, with a dollop of another on the top. Also, when I used to eat rainbow sprinkles, I'd ask them to put a scoop on the bottom, in the middle and on the top, so I didn't run out.

      When I was a really young kid, my nanny and I would go to Baskin-Robbins, and we'd get mint chocolate chip and chocolate mousse royale (the latter I got to copy her).

      As a teen at Ben and Jerry's, I would get two separate cups - Mint Chocolate Cookie and Apple Crumble (RIP).

      If I could go out today, it'd probably be something as silly as Cookies'n'Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip from Rite-Aid or Vanilla or Mashmallow FroYo with rainbow sprinkles.

      1. Dark chocolate on the bottom, pear on the top (Grom, Torino). Always enquire as to whether a sugar cone ("cono di biscotto" I believe, but it's been a few years) is available.

        But really, all I want is tiramisu. No tiramisu, I'll go to the next gelateria.

        1. My favorite trio to get in Italy is chocolate/espresso/crema; I always get it in a cup. A great pairing I had last year was pine nut (whole) and fresh fig.