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Sep 28, 2009 12:24 PM

Experiences with Abigail Kirsch or recommendations for other large event caterers?

If anyone who's hired Ms. Kirsch to cater a large event (or eaten food at an event she catered) has any comments on the experience, I'd love to hear them! How was she to work with?

Any other excellent caterers out there who can handle about 150-200 guests I should know about? (I've heard some good things about Creative Edge...)

Thanks, 'hounds.

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  1. I had some of Abigail Kirsch's food at a wedding before. It was OK. Stage 6 at Steiner Studios. It might be more helpful to search for the venue names of places she does exclusively?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Kathryn -- good suggestion and I appreciate your prior review!

    2. We've used Canard before and thought they were excellent, a pleasure to work with (the event was for 400). also cleaver co - delicious, sustainable/locally sourced.

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      1. re: illya

        I really like the Cleaver Co. and have enthusiastically recommended the restaurant (Green Table) in the past... but as much as I like Green Table, I do think it can be sort of inconsistent. I've had horribly overcooked scallops and oversalted food, there -- as well as a grilled cheese sandwich that seemed divinely inspired. :)

        Will definitely look into Canard, as well -- thank you!

      2. I also have been to a wedding that Abigail Kirsch has catered. I thought that the hor deuorves were good. But the sit down dinner was just okay.

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          Thanks, tastyeating! Do you remember what you had?

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            For hors deourves, I had:

            Peppercorn beef
            Crab Salad
            Portobello Fries
            Duck Taco
            Something with Pork
            Fancy hot dog
            Mini burger

            There were 2 buffet stations: one Asian, one Italian. Both were okay. Food tasted good but didn't amaze.

            For sit down dinner we had:
            Lobster and corn souffle
            BLT Caesar Salad
            Choice of Steak with grilled vegetables and potato gratin or Seabass with spinach and potatoes
            Contemporary Chocolate Fondu

            I have a post on the blog going up on Oct 9th about it. I took a lot of pictures of the food! So if you can wait that long, click on this link:

            1. re: tastyeating

              PHEW, I was about to be very alarmed at your photographic memory -- but thank goodness I can just be impressed by your thorough, informative blogging. This is super helpful, tasty -- thank you!

        2. Manna Catering is really good and very pleasant to work with. He does kosher, but very trendy and imaginative. Dan is in charge.

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          1. re: meinNYC

            Thanks, me. I'll take a look. :)

          2. Also have been to a Kirsch wedding (outside of the city) and found it to be OK. If I recall, I also found it strange that for the dinner at the wedding, whatever the fish was mentioned on the menu was not what was served. Happens a lot at weddings I think but I remember being surprised considering the reputation.

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            1. re: JMJD

              That's a bummer! Based on everyone's comments, I'm not thrilled about using Kirsch, but it seems to be really hard to find really great caterers for events with this many guests. If I do go with them, I may just request non-fish seafood entrees. (IIRC, a shrimp or lobster appetizer I had at a Chelsea Piers was pretty good.) Hopefully that would get around the problem.