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Sep 28, 2009 12:07 PM

Food recs driving from LA to SF

Looking for a brunch/lunch suggestion between LA and Big Sur...
also a lunch reco between Big Sur and Napa (not in San Francisco).

Good food takes a priority over great view.


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  1. Assuming you leave LA around nine, will you need lunch around 3 hours later? How fast do you drive and what route are you taking? 101 Santa Barbara is only about 2 hours away from LA. And San Luis Obispo is about 2 hours more.

    I reccomend taking Highway One that takes you through Guadalupe and stopping at La Simpatia on the main street which is also Highway One for the best chili rellenos ever and then keep making your way up Highway One to Big Sur.

    1. We love having lunch at Sierra Mar at the stunning Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur..
      Great food and the view is breathtaking.

      thanks glbtrtr for the chile relleno recommendation!

      1. Chef Rick's in Orcutt
        (as you approach Santa Maria on 101, take the Clark Rd exit and head west to the first large intersection. Rick's is in the center acros the intersection to the right of Clark, at the back.)

        Good prices on his dinner menu items at lunch. Well-prepared food with a cajun influence. An area favorite.

        Chef Rick's
        4869 S Bradley Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93455

        1. Ruddell's Smokehouse is a little hole in the wall next to the beach with great smoke abacore and salmon. It is in Cayucos which is about an hour north of San Luis Obispo off the 1 Hwy, south of Big Sur.

          Ruddell's Smokehouse
          101 D St, Cayucos, CA 93430

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            Cayucos is about 15 min. WEST of SLO on Hwy 1, and about 3 hours south of Big Sur.