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Sep 28, 2009 11:22 AM

Toss-up: The Stanton Social vs Degustation

First time poster here:

I have reservations for dinner for two, at both Degustation and The Stanton Social this Friday, before catching a show at the Mercury Lounge later that night. If you had to pick one, which would offer the better dining experience? And what would you recommend for dinner?

No real dietary or budget restrictions. Just looking for good food, ambience, and an atmosphere conducive to conversation.


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  1. Degustation is much more ambitious than Stanton Social. Great good. Ambience is better at Stanton Social, though, it can get kind of loud dependent where you are sitting. Degustation is counter seating, open kitchen, not super conducive to conversation, though. But for food, Degustation is better, especially if you like seafood, tomatoes, ham, Spanish ingredients, etc.

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    1. re: kathryn

      I personally think Stanton Social has a vibe more suited to a crowd...and Degustation is more conducive to a quiet conversation between two.

      It really depends on your mood -
      If you want fun and lively - SS
      If you want AMAZING food and a unique dining experience - Degustation

    2. Stanton Social might be more "fun", which can also mean loud, and more festive. The food is ok, with a few good dishes and some things that aren't all that great.
      Degustation is a little more "serious" in vibe, I like the food better, but I wouldn't go there to catch up with a friend.

      1. I agree with both opinions below. Degustation is good if you're just two. If you're more than three the seating may be awkward. I guess one thing Stanton Social would have over Degustation is what mood you might be in after dinner. After dinner at Degustation I'm more apt to feel subdued and quiet.

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        1. re: egit

          After dinner at Degustation, what else is there? Shouldn't you just settle up and leave?

          1. re: RCC

            Sounds more like egit is saying "Degustation is so laid back, after eating there I just want to chill" as opposed to Stanton Social where it might put you in a mood to go out and bar hop afterwards.