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Is there muscovado sugar in Toronto?

I would like to buy muscovado sugar in Toronto and have contacted a large number of health food stores with no luck. Does anyone know who sells it?


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  1. Did you try the Big Carrot? I'm sure I bought it there about 2 years ago.

    1. I've purchased it at Whole Foods in Hazelton Lanes.


      1. I KNOW for sure i have seen it somewhere but I cannot call. Not helpful , I know but for sure it is in stores. I really only shop at a few places...like Loblaws, Metro or Fortinos. One of those stores has it for sure ( not Metro).
        Occasionally I go to Pusateris....maybe there.
        I;ll try to remember.

        1. I have seen some recently at the Bulk Barn in Promenade Mall (right near the dried fruit section in the back corner of the store). I would call and see if they still have it.

          1. I bought some at T&T on Cherry St., very recently.

            1. Bought from Michaelangelos' on hi 7 and Warden

              1. Thanks for the leads, but I've called all of them and no one carries it. Whole Foods used to carry it, but there wasn't enough interest at the time. The Big Carrot no longer sells it. The Loblaws, Fortinos, Michael-Angelo's and Pusateris locations that I called said no.The Thornhill Bulk Barn sells turbinado sugar, which is not guaranteed to be unrefined.

                I'm waiting to hear back from T & T.

                If I could find a completely unrefined, sticky brown sugar I would be satisfied, but even products that are organic and fair-trade are not necessarily unrefined.

                Can anyone help out?

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                  There is some in the sugar section of Loblaws or Longo's - though it's a premium brand and a small package. It's called Billington's and they have light brown muscovado, so I'm not sure if that suits your purpose.

                  The site is http://www.billingtons.co.uk/ but the packaging in the US looks like:

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                    Wow this is funny, I think we were posting at the same time. I actually shop at Longo's and never noticed they sell this there. I will have to check it next time since it would save me a trip to Lady of York, which I don't really find that useful other than various pasta brands/canned tomatoes. Thanks!

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                      I don't know if Long's still carries it, as it's been a while, but I would think with the upcoming holiday season they would stock it. I'm particularly referring to the York Mills and Leslie location - just in case!

                      Like you, I was totally drawn in by "molasses" - love that flavour!

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                    Try an Indian grocery store, and ask for "jaggery". I am sure I also saw it at T&T.


                    Would sucanat work for you ?

                  3. I would try the bulk store in the basement of the St. Lawrence market or the dry goods store near the bulk store. Both have many types of sugars, both fair-trade/organc and conventional.

                    1. Funny story. I hadn't been in Lady of York for years, then I happened to be in the area one day and decided to pop in. I bought a few things, including this dark brown sugar. Now, I make a special trip sometimes just to buy this sugar.

                      I buy this: http://tinyurl.com/ybke35q at Lady of York Foods of all places.

                      Lady of York: http://www.ladyyorkfoods.com/play_vid...

                      1000% they have this exact brand with about 2 or 3 other variations on it because I just bought it last week.

                      This sugar by the way, was like an epiphany for me. I bought the very dark one just to try it out because it said molasses and I love molasses flavour. It's like a strangely addictive sugar where it's not too sweet, and I guess I fool myself into thinking it's "healthy" and I started putting it on EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. Like popcorn, toast with butter, oatmeal, even eating it raw. I know it's crazy.

                      1. Bulk Barn has it for sure-bought it there all the time. Also Fortinos/oblaws has it. Good Luck!

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                          I also just found it at Evergreen Natural Foods 161 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, M6R 2L3
                          416-534-2684 !

                          It's the Billington's light muscovado mentionned above.

                          Thank you everyone for all the help. I guess there are a few places to get it in Toronto after all!!