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Sep 28, 2009 11:18 AM

Annecy and Geneva Recs

My wife and I will be spending four days in Geneva and Annecy beginning this Friday.

Searching numerous sources, including Chowhound, and eGullet among others, I've come up with the following:

In Geneva:
Chez Jacky for lunch and Les Cepages and Brasserie de l'Hotel de Ville for dinner.

In Annecy:
La Ciboulette and Auberge de Savoie for dinner.

Anybody out there who can compare our two Annecy choices with Brasserie Saint Maurice or L'Atelier Gourmand? Anybody out there that can improve upon our choices without sending us to two star plus places?

Many thanks.

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  1. My fave place in the Annecy lake area is not a starred place but a ferme-auberge on the hills of Menthon-St-Bernard: Ferme de Charbonnière. As often in the case of ferme-auberges, everything tastes farm-fresh and different, down to the starter cold cuts and butter
    Call ahead to reserve a tartiflette. When you arrive, an entire reblochon cheese - from the farm itself of course - is melting drip drip drip on (farm-originated also) ham and onion.
    If you do not have a car, you can take a bus from Annecy to Menthon St Bernard and walk up the hill in the direction of the castle. Keep walking after the castle. It is about a 30-minute non-strenuous, breathtakingly beautiful walk.
    Is it worth the schlep? After you down a tartiflette you will crave an even longer schlep to walk it off.
    My fave restaurant is again out of town in the beautiful Alps: Auberge des Chasseurs in Echenevex. You will need a car. Also, I hear it has changed chef…

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      Well, I've posted a lot elsewhere on Annecy (my favorite place in all of France) and Geneva (where one of my best friends has lived for 20+ years, hence a lot of meals) and I'm willing to state on the record that things are pretty dismal in both places: the best I can offer you near Annecy is the Ferme de Lormay in the ski resort Le Grand Bernand,, which is fabulous and Soupçon, 8, place du Bourg-de-Four, 1204, in the old city of Geneva.

      Good luck.

      John Talbott

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        Since Annecy is your favorite place in all of France, I'll assume you plan to go back - so I would like to recommend the restaurant Clos des Sens in Annecy-le-Vieux. Have had 2 great meals there, and stayed in one of their 5 'chambres' on our last trip. Lovely.

        1. re: boredough

          Yah I loved it the first time, found it less lovable the second.

    2. @Elzoe

      Les Cepages is not in Geneva, but in nearby Thoiry (nearby France) and it's always good.

      In Annecy I would chose La Ciboulette over L'atelier Gourmand
      We have been to La Ciboulette for over 20 years now and have never been disappointed.
      We have tried L'Atelier Gourmand a few times when it first opened and was still at the old address and found it "over rated"!

      Brasserie de l'Hotel de la Ville in Geneva has changed hands the past few years, and no longer serves "l'araignee" its signature dish.

      Annecy is beautiful, enjoy !

      1. I'd advise you against Le Lexique which has buzz in cyberspace but not for me or my Genevois pal yesterday. The catered dinner at the Four Seasons Wednesday was actually better.
        Pix of both at

        1. Had an excellent meal at Contresens in Annecy recently. The 3 course menu for 27 Euro is a steal!

          1. We just got back from the Lac D'Annecy area. The whole region is gorgeous, especially now in autumn. It looks like out of a fairytale.

            We had quite a good tartiflette for dinner at our little Auberge D'Argonay just north of Annecy. I'm not sure what a great tartiflette would be like since the dish always struck me as a comfort food something like lasagna or cassoulet - the best ones are tasty and satisfying rather then delicate.

            For lunch, we randomly picked Au Gay Sejour which was in our Michelin Green guide. It is near Faverges, south of the Lake. I have to say, that as visitors, this is exactly the meal we were looking for - a chance to sample some of the local products from the region.

            A starter of oysters with truffles from Bauge was delicious. I had the Filet de biche Rossini. If you know how Rossini liked to eat then you know what comes next. The steak was tender and on top a layer of melting foie gras and then truffles from Savoie. The cheese plate included a tasting of several local cheeses from Savoie. And, of course, a Mondeuse to go with the meal. My wife loves the Mondeuse wine from Savoie which she describes as light and herbal.