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Sep 28, 2009 11:10 AM

Looking for good bistro/resto/pub near King and Yonge

Coming from Montreal on Oct 16th for the weekend. We are staying downtown at King and Yonge, so anything that is in walking or a short cab ride distance would be great. If we have to go farther, we will make the effort if you think your recomendation is worth it. I am not looking for fine dining this time around, but would like some insight on some good resto's. I am big on ambiance, fun and good service, you know the kind of place where the staff makes your evening more memorable. We are 2 couples that are normally the life of the party, but are also foodies. Some suggestions that would work any night including Sunday would be much appreciated. Went to Jump and another Italian place (can't remember the name of the place, but it had another name previously) within walking distance last time I was there and loved both. Less cash available this time around. No Japanese/Indian. Merci beaucoup fellow CH's!!

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  1. Beer bistro. I have never been but its got some ok reviews here. It is on King, just East of Yonge.

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      Beer Bistro was the first thing that jumped to mind for me. If you search this board, you'll find pretty overwhelmingly positive comments about it.

      Also, I'd definitely recommend Harlem (at Church and Richmond, so a short walk) for a good, casual meal.