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Sep 28, 2009 10:58 AM

Reusable chopsticks

Does anyone know where I can get a set of Chinese-style collapsible travel chopsticks in the USA, or through which website?

I'm looking for something specifically not Japanese, as those are usually too thin, often made of glossy, slippery metal, designed for sushi and soba and inconvenient to use for Chinese food. I really like the ones made in Taiwan (that will actually grip food easily like wooden chopsticks) but I cannot find them around here anywhere or on any website that would deliver to USA ...

Any tips appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Don't know where you live, but here in southern Ca we have 99 Ranch Market and other chinese stores..
    Here's a couple of websites

    1. here's some info when i was looking for the same.

      Tzu-Chi's was the best ones so far. They have the switch-blade type, the screw on type, and the fit with click type. Materials range from good sturdy plastic (recycled) to stainless steel. $5 to $8, to $28 for a set of fork, spoon, chopsticks neatly packed in a cloth case or a plastic case.

      Have fun!

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        I went to the Flushing location to pick up another pair since I gave mine away. I was told they don't sell these online, but that there are over 60 Tzu-Chi offices all over the US. It appears that you are in MA. The Boston number is 617 762 0569. You can call and find out where they are if you're interested in checking out the different ones that offer.

        For the poster Soop, some of these chopsticks actually have the lower section non-slippery. So, look for those special designs. They've thought of your "problem", which is quite common amongst all chopstick users, I assure you.

      2. On Amazon:

        While these are not collapsible, I much prefer this style of chopstick. They are larger around, lightweight, and have ridged ends.

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          1. Japanese do not use metal chopsticks. Koreans do, but not Japanese. Japanese chopsticks are plain or laquered wood. Usually plain wood for sushi and soba.