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Sep 28, 2009 10:56 AM

Cheap err, "inexpensive" but, good sushi. (Dallas)

For Wednesday of this week, can any of you direct me to a recent former post or, advise me where to find really good inexpensive sushi. My son is coming to Dallas to celebrate his birthday and he wants sushi.
Normally, I'd go to Sushi Sake or Teppo but, my business has been very slow lately. So...........

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  1. Naan at shops at legacy has sushi happy hour. 2 people can eat for less than $20.

    Sushi Robata on the tollway and frankford is always inexpensive and good. Naan has korean dishes too.

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    1. re: ssh

      Thanks, ssh. I've heard Sushi Robata is very good. I'll consider it.

    2. If only he was here on tuesday, Sushiyama does $1 sushi on tuesday nights! My favorite inexpensive joint used to be Sushi of Plano, except I don't think they do any $1 sushi deals ever since Toshi had the place renovated. Simon's Sushi (where Toshi used to work) may be cheap too but I haven't been there in a while.

      Nowadays I like to use coupons at Masami. I've found it even works well with a party of 3, so I can assure that you two will be stuffed for $25-30 or less. For sushi I'd rather go to Masami over Sushi Robata. Strongly suggest ordering from the whiteboard.

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        Masami does not participate with anymore. That was one of the best deals in town. Bummer it is gone.

      2. You might consider Nori Sushi Bar and Grill. It's not far from our nabe.
        2212 W Northwest Highway
        Dallas, TX 75220
        (972) 993-7888