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Sep 28, 2009 10:50 AM

Need Recommendation for Cozy Cafe in Downtown Seattle with good food!

I just moved here 3 weeks ago so I don't know the area. I've got a friend I haven't seen in a while, in town just for a few hours and we're meeting for lunch downtown. Are there any nice places where we can grab lunch but also sit for a couple of hours and catch up?

Someplace that has food, tea/coffee and won't be too loud or crowded on a Monday around lunchtime (ie they won't rush us out!). Thank you for your help!

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  1. Cafe Capagne comes to mind. Just off Pike Pl market, cozy food and lovely service.

    1. Le Pichet, 1st and Virginia.

      1. Elliott Bay Cafe, beneath the bookstore.
        Good food, coffee, spacious and casual seating.

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        1. re: mrnelso

          Yes, this! Elliott Bay Cafe has been a real gem since they reworked the menu a few months ago. Not too crowded, very good food, casual, and lingering is no problem whatsoever.

          1. re: terrier

            What do you guys like there? I haven't been crazy about the sandwiches I've had for lunch.

            1. re: christy319

              I've been a few times; haven't worked my way through all their menu items and specials. I really liked the Argentinean steak salad, the smoked trout & egg sandwich, & a lamb burger that was a special one day. I also love the rice & mushroom salad that's an option with the sandwiches in lieu of chips.

              I would have liked the chorizo burger more with a less salty/sharp blue cheese. The albacore sandwich was unmemorable for better or worse, as was the Italian sandwich.

              1. re: christy319

                When Tamara took over, it was as if somebody flipped a switch. Suddenly, every item on the menu showed the thoughtful attention of a talent. Even the salads that accompany most dishes often have little flavor-surprises to brighten them up here or there. This ain't fine dining, it's a casual lunch, but I try to get there every couple of weeks to taste what's up. Recently, it was a green-chili stew that rocked, followed by a crispy caramel cookie - very nice. The soups and stews are a strength, for sure.

          2. Cherry Street Coffee House (the location ON Cherry Street--they have others now) has very good fresh sandwiches and salads, and a quiet, secluded seating area where no one will care how long you stay (it's not crowded either--most of us get their food to go).

            1. Le Pichet is a wonderful place to catch up with a friend-