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Sep 28, 2009 10:47 AM

seafood sausage?

I got a package of frozen seafood sausage at Trader Joe's. I'd welcome suggestions as to what to do with it beyond an accompaniment to pasta.


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  1. as sandwiches with grilled bread
    over wilted greens, like arugula or watercress
    in a cream sauce over rice
    with grilled polenta
    a spicy sort of stew (think jambalaya)
    with sauteed mushrooms and cream

    1. Poboys?
      Maybe in Paella?
      A chowder or a veggie soup?

      1. we just had some grill and toasted hot dog buns and siracha hot sauce with side of mustardy cole slaw...yummy!

        1. Some years back, Jasper White was Exec Chef for Legal Seafoods. During his tenure, I had a wonderful meal there: Pan-browned seafood sausage accompanied by buttery braised cabbage (caraway, onion/scallion, butter, and I suspect chicken stock and white wine) and steamed redskin potatoes.

          1. I was thinking of some kind of pasta with a cream sauce.

            Anyone else have any new ideas?