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Sep 28, 2009 10:02 AM

London - Torta Canarejal - Spanish Sheep's Milk Cheese

First tried this cheese at Inopia, a neighbourhood tapas bar in Barcelona owned by Albert Adria, Ferran's brother (it has also featured on the menu at El Bulli). Instantly fell in love with it - it's gooey, robust and deliciously moreish eaten either on its own or with some bread.

Am delighted to find that it is now available in London. I bought a round (they are small to medium sized) from Pomona deli in Belsize Park. They are getting them from Brindisa so I assume that they are available at the shop in Borough Market. Not cheap (£8.99, possibly cheaper at Brindisa shop) but better even than Vacherin Mont d'Or IMO.

Here's a link to the cheesemaker's website (Spanish language only):

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  1. Brindisia at Brough was selling them a few weeks ago at a table in the front of the shop. Excellent queso.