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Sep 28, 2009 09:26 AM

Lower Depths, Kenmore Sq

Has anybody been to this bar yet? Do they serve food? Walked by Saturday night. The have a patio below street level, with floor to ceiling windows open to the interior. Looks like Tory Row in Harvard Sq. , very sleek, comtemporary.

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  1. they don't have the same aspirations as tory row. big beer selection, hot dogs, nachos kinda place.

    1. It's owned by the same people that do Bukowski's/Parish yeah, a lot of beers.
      Also they have $1 hot dogs all the time, costs another buck or so to have things other than the standard condiments put on...but for $1/ea, not a bad spot to hit before a Sox game. Although, the hour before the game it's insanely crowded but 2 hours before the game...generally pretty quiet.
      Also they have some sandwiches/wraps/burgers/wings/etc.

      1. Great, massive choice of beers and my favorite to nosh on: a mountain of tater tots with bacon/chipotle aioli for $8. Crispy tots and tons of 'em for $8.

        The blue cheese/carmelized onion option looks good too but havent tried those.

        1. Lower Depths has been open for quite awhile and it is one of my favorite places to go to after a Sox game. They have a great beer selection and while the food isn't exactly thrilling it is the same quality as the other local bars (Game On, Baseball Tavern, Cask and Flagon) for a much better price point.

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            I don't agree that it's on par with Game on/Baseball Tavern/Cask and Flagon. Have you actually eaten there, CF? As rknrll writes, it's more like Bukowski's et al. The places you mention are really bad, food-wise, while Lower Depths shoots for something a bit more (and quite often attains it). It's one of our usual stop, pre-Fenway. Fish taco, tater tots, Fenway franks, and I always check out the specials menu. Nice to be able to order a chilled rose or craft beer (albeit, beers are on the pricy side).

            1. re: digga

              Yeah, I agree that those places serve mediocre food and I've had similar experiences with Lower Depths. I tend to go there post-games and the food always seems hastily put together and is not very good. I'll agree that they may want to strive for something more than the generic bar food but I'd have to say they often miss the mark with me. The beers, however, I have little to complain about....

              1. re: CreativeFoodie42

                Hmm I don't know... I dream about the fish wrap (sort of a gigantic fish taco/burrito type of thing)- I think its quite tasty. I love the atmosphere and the beer selection as well. Definitely better than other pub food in the area and I would say my favorite spot in the Kenmore/Fenway neighborhood.

                However, if the OP was looking for something more like Tory Row, I would check out Audubon Circle closer to St. Mary's T stop on Beacon Street- same owners.

                1. re: southiesouthend

                  Been to Audubon, and I like it, but it's too noisy for Mr. CookieLee. I'm more likely to go to Tory Row than Lower Depths. I was just wondering about it, since it looks similar in layout to Tory Row. Thanks to all!