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Sep 28, 2009 09:16 AM

ISO Southern Oregon recs: Ashland, Roseburg, Reedsport, Coos Bay, Gold Beach.

We'll be taking a loop around souther Oregon, starting with a couple of dinners at Ashland. So looking for recs for lunch and dinner at all those cities in the subject line. Nothing too fancy. But certainly places that serve local seafood and produce would be great. TIA.

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  1. Hope you have fun in Ashland. There are a number of places there that are good.
    We love the Black Sheep. Cannot wait to go there when we are in Ashland. It is great pub food (both casual and higher end) and a lot of fun. It can get a little loud though at night.

    We also like Hana sushi which is also on the plaza. Good tempura and sushi as well as some Korean dishes.

    Agave has good tamales and is casual.

    Martinos/Macaroni is good. We prefer to sit upstairs, but they are really the same. Pretty good Italian

    New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro in Talent is good, but hard to do if you are doing an evening play at OSF.

    Rouge Valley Creamery up past Medford is worth a stop if you like cheese. Not a place to dine, but they do have great cheese and it is a fun place to stop

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      Wow, we've had very different experiences in Ashland. I really like Agave and New Sammy's (but I would think that Sammy's might be too fancy for the OP). I've had a very bad experience at Macaroni--so much so that I've avoided every going back for over 15 years. Black Sheep is OK and a good hangout after the plays, but I wouldn't say it was great.

    2. If you think New Sammy's is too fancy, you might try it for lunch. Expensive, but good.
      For dinner, you might want to try Peerless. They have options for small plates that provides plenty of selection at a good value. Their wine list is good as well.
      You might try Liquid Assets for something different. A wine bar with various food options. We enjoy it.
      If you want to get out of Ashland and try the culinary wasteland of Medford, you can't go wrong with Elements. Downtown on Main I believe.