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Sep 28, 2009 09:13 AM

Louisville, KY dinner mostly

Will be in Louisville, KY starting tomorrow till Sunday. Any place I MUST stop in on? I do have breakfast at my hotel and during the day I will be in conferences, but dinner is pretty open. I would like to try some tradition BBQ and I would like to keep the prices low, no fancy dinners.

Below are a few places I have read about on here and was thinking about stopping by, any other suggestions or comments are appreciated.
Lynn's Paradise Cafe 984 Barret Ave. 502 583-3447 breakfast
A hot brown at the brown hotel THE BROWN HOTEL | 335 West Broadway | Louisville, KY 40202 | Phone: 502-583-1234 |
Homemade IceCream and Pie 2525 Bardstown Rd. (502) 459-8184

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  1. Lynn's Paradise Cafe is pretty darned good for breakfast and lunch; I suppose they have the same sorts of things for dinner as they have for lunch. Their meat loaf and black bean chili are really good and I've heard folks recommend their roast turkey.

    Bardstown Road is great for all the local bars and restaurants.

    1. I've heard good things about Ole Hickory Pit but can't give you first hand info.

      Palermo Viejo is another good option for a reasonably priced dinner as is Havana Rumba