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Sep 28, 2009 09:04 AM

"Taste of Wynn" service

I called Wynn to make some dinner reservations - when I was reading about the "Taste of Wynn" it said "mention this when you make your reservation" - so I (might have foolishly) done so. I asked why it needed to be mentioned, and was told so the restaurant could be "prepared" for your request.

Now I'm worried - will that mean bad tables, bad service?

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  1. I don't think so a lot of the Vegas Hotels are doing "deal" menus. The MGM ran a series of special menus that you had to ask for and were not posted. All the posts regaurding these have not indicated any lack of service. I had the "deal" menu at L'Atetier and have also dined there with the regular tasting menu and did not experience any difference in service.
    These restaurants and casinos are doing this because they need to in these times. It would be stupid of them to achieve the opposite result by then turning people off.

    I would say take advantage and enjoy.

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      But what is Taste of W actually? Menu / prices published / posted?

    2. Don't worry. My husband and I used the "Taste of Wynn" at Alex in August, and I mentioned it at time of reservation. Our table, service, food, etc. was just as fabulous as the various times we have eaten at Alex over the years without a special deal. Don't worry. Definitely go ahead. We had a great time, and I'm sure you will too.

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        Thanks, looking forward to it.

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          There is no better place than Wynn. Enjoy your experience - i have, many times.

      2. I just had the lunch Taste of Wynn at Tableau poolside. I cannot remember having a more relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. I called from my room and mentioned the Taste menu and in a few minutes I was at the best table in the house. The pool was ten meters from me, yet seperated by a low wall full of plants. Above me, protecting me, were umbrellas full of shade and a lot of misters for the heat. Paradise for the sun aversive.
        My wait staff was excellent. I told them I wanted a liesurely lunch and they attentively made sure I had just that. But, since this is still a "food" blog...
        They graciously allowed me to enjoy soup, salad, and main instead of eating dessert. Tomato soup has always been one of my favorites and this was very good. The salad was fresh and tasty and a good choice in the heat. The tuna was the star though, prefect with the papaya and the avocado.
        For both food and service, my first encounter with the Taste of Wynn was a complete success.

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          Are all the various restaurants in the Taste of Wynn the same price?

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            No they vary depending on the restaurant. At the high end is Alex at $89/person and the low end is Wazuzu at $29/person.

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                We haven't dined at Wynn in several months, but were planning to in March. I went to their website and the Taste of Wynn menus are no longer posted. It appears they have done away with the 3 course specials in all but two restaurants; Sinatra and the Country Club. In these establishments they are no longer called "Taste of Wynn"; but are "Dine and Dance" and "Piece of New Orleans"; respectively. Too bad as the Taste of Wynn was an excellent value.