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Sep 28, 2009 08:39 AM

Breakfast / Brunch in Atlantic Beach / Morehead City / Beaufort, NC

Looking for recommendations for best current sunday breakfast / brunch along the Crystal Coast. All price ranges welcomed. Thanks

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  1. For a basic, inexpensive breakfast, i've always enjoyed Four Corners Diner at Atlantic Beach. Its on the main drag in AB where the road from Morehead City intersects.

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        Thanks. We ended up at Spouter's which was very good. In the past we have visited Beaufort Grocery and Stillwater. Noticed that the brunch menu at Stillwater no longer included pancakes or french toast--mostly egg dishes--so we ended up at Spouter's. It was very pleasant. They served brunch menu plus regular lunch menu. They were packed on Sunday so looks like a lot of other folks ended up there as well.

      2. I love a shrimp burger from Els Drive In located in Morehead City, NC

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          This is probably a dumb question, but ... I had a shrimp burger at a diner in Atlantic Beach, and it was a bunch of fried shrimp on a bun. Is that what a shrimp burger is? I was, for some reason, expecting a patty of ground or chopped up shrimp.

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            Yes, the traditional shrimp burger in eastern NC is a pile of fried shrimp on a bun. Sometimes, as you move away from the coast you might find a patty of chopped or ground shrimp.

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              Thanks! I suspect it was at that Four Corners Diner - my mother loves the all day breakfast there.

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              Outside of coastal NC a shrimp burger is usually a patty of ground/chopped shrimp. I've had them and can't stand them.

              To me, an Eastern NC boy, a shrimp burger is fried shrimp...sometimes with slaw, sometimes not (I'm a bit moody).

              El's, Big Oak...whoever...they all make a good shrimp burger. But then again, there's only so many ways to screw one up...most ANYONE can make a good shrimp burger.

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                I had the ground shrimp patty and did not enjoy that at all. It was somewhere in the Triangle