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Sep 28, 2009 08:23 AM

Private Room for a Group Dinner of 25-30 people in Brooklyn


I am looking for a venue to host a dinner. Do you have any suggestions?

Ideally, it would be somewhere with a private room that can accommodate 25-30 people so that individuals can move around and talk without disturbing other guest/patrons. I was originally going to go with Zenkichi but they can not accommodate that many patrons. I would like to keep the price below $75/pp not including drinks/tax/tip. Thanks for the help.

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  1. You don't specify a certain neighborhood so have you looked into Frankies Spuntino on Court St? Excellent Italian food and they have a private event space that seats up to 40 for dinner. They are great to work with - I'm having my wedding there in November. Your budget would work fine there.

    1. What part of Brooklyn are you looking at? Any preference of food / ambience?

      1. Frankies is excellent. Also check out iCi in Fort Greene:

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          ^^^ exactly what I was going to post. ICI and Frankie's are both excellent, and nice to deal with. Alternately and more informally, the Sheep Station on 4th Ave/Douglass in the Slope has a back room of about that size. I went to a party there catered nicely in-house.

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            I went to Frankie's for a wedding reception and it was excellent. The back room/garage/outdoor space is great.

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            I considered iCi for my event but the planner there was really difficult to deal with. Was a shame since I had heard a lot of positive feedback about the events themselves. I just couldn't get past how much of a pain the event planner was in the beginning stages.

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              That's a drag! Were you talking with Catherine? She's the owner -- I found her to be nothing but accommodating.

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                I wish I had that experience, yes I did speak with her. I started planning in Feb of this year - I asked her, we're flexible for November so please let me know which Saturdays you have available for an evening wedding. Her response - please give me a date. I explained again we were flexible and she still didn't tell me which Saturdays in November were available. So I said, okay here are all the Saturdays in November - now please tell me what's available. She also didn't want to give me any information until I saw the place - not even sample pricing which would have made the decision whether it was worth checking out or not. Doesn't make sense to look at a place, then find out it's out of your budget. All other locations I checked with were happy to price out the event once I gave them specifics, and even said if the budget looks right then come in for a look. It was just too much back and forth and I was receiving such gracious service from the event planner at Frankies so I couldn't continue with iCi.

          3. We did a group dinner at Palo Santo for approx 25 people and it worked very well and food was great.

            1. Enzo's on Prospect Park West has a nice back room that can easily accommodate that many and be way under your budget. It's 1/2 block from the 15th St Prospect Park F train station