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Sep 28, 2009 07:09 AM

Off-season lunches/dinners on Martha's Vineyard

My husband and I are heading to MV on Friday - we'll be staying in Oak Bluffs until Monday, to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Neither of us has ever been to the Vineyard, so we'd love some suggestions on not-to-miss spots for lunch and dinner. (We'll have breakfast at the inn, and we will be bringing our car.)

We'll be looking for (at least) one special dinner to celebrate - we're omnivorous, and are big fans of places like 555, Caiola's and Street & Co. in Portland, ME, where we live. Doesn't have to be seafood-oriented. For lunches we'll likely be looking for more casual, cheap-ish fare. Any suggestions welcome!

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  1. The best restaurant in downtown O.B. is Sweet Life Cafe, though Mediterannean just down the road from Ocean Park is just as good. Deon's rates pretty highly, but is less traditional with it's Carribean/Jamaican influences. My three faves on the entire Island are L'Etoile in Edgartown, Beach Plum Inn in Menemsha, and Outermost Inn in Aquinnah. The latter are in beautiful settings, and worth the ride, but you must BYOB to Beach Plum.

    Lunches are easier as most of the good places are steps from you. Slice of Life Cafe, Sharky's Cantina and even Linda Jeans are decent. Also, don't miss the tasty offerings from Back Door Donuts" after 7:30 PM. Just ask - you'll find it.

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      Thanks, thos. We're staying right across the street from Sweet Life, which sounds great. I'll check out your other dinner recs, too - it would be really nice to eat someplace particularly beautiful while we're there.

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        Hi, how did you like the restaurant and you B+B breakfasts? We may be heading there in the off season next fall and trying to plan ahead..thanks!