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Sep 28, 2009 04:47 AM

Lobster in Philly

Where is the best place to order whole lobster in Philly? Cost is no object.

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  1. Live or already cooked?

    For all things live, I always recommend Ippolito's

    For cooked, I say just buy them yourself, grab a big pot, and do it at home. Will definitely cost a lot less.

    1. i've had outstanding 3+ pound lobsters at budakan and barclay prime. i prefer small lobsters (more tender), but if you want big papas, both places do good work with them. both are spensivo and my only quibble is that they take them out of the shell for you. i used to work in a fish market way back when and i can get a lobster out of it's shell like no one and i love showing off. :D

      1. I had an excellent lobster at Little Fish, but it was a special. Whole lobster, removed from the shell, served with jamacian jerk seasoning (something I would have never thought about doing)

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          You have 2 more days to get the Palm's $89.95 for 2 4-pound lobster dinner, including salad and 1 side dish. I'm not sure about dessert. We had it a few weeks ago and we're going back tonight. Ends sept. 30th. I agree about preferring smaller lobsters but this is a real bargain and properly cooked.

        2. You are into steak houses and upscale restaurants in Philly so that's where to look.

          It's an interesting question that seems both valid and silly. Unlike beef, there's probably not much variation in quality of lobster; the issue is size and how it's prepared. Restaurants buy whole lobsters fresh and keep them alive until time to cook. Preparation of whole lobster is steamed, poached, broiled or perhaps grilled. The more expensive restaurants will have larger lobsters and will crack the shells for you and maybe take out some of the meat. But other than butter and some sides, what else do you expect? In fact, I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know ; )

          Pick a restaurant you like, call ahead and see if they have lobsters, go and enjoy yourself. I'd be interested in the type of lobster bib at a joint like the Fountain at Four Seasons. If you're worried about the mess factor (which to me is one of the pleasures of eating whole lobster), have them take as much meat as possible out of the shell.