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Atwater Eats?

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We have friends who just moved to Atwater. They want to get together for dinner and as a card carrying 'Hound, I've been chosen to come up with a place. Any cuisine is okay. A nice environment for conversation would be nice. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    rabo encendido (formerly Eric Archer)

    BLAIR'S, in Silverlake, is closeby. Very good food---especially their fish (chef-owner worked at The Water Grill, IIRC)---with interesting and reasonably priced beer and wine selections. A nice room, unpretentious service, probably the closest thing to "fine dining" in the area.

    Caveat: If your plans are on a FRI-SUN night, make early reservations, as the place can fill up and get a little loud later in the evening.

    BLAIR'S 2903 Rowena Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90039 Phone: (323) 660-1882

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      Blair's is the best food call in the area, where some pleasant ambiance and a decent selection of wines is of some concern. Baracoa may have decent Cuban food, but it looks like a fast food joint with no ambiance, and never has customers after 7p.m or so, and almost looks closed, even on a Friday evening. Nonni is used mostly for take out, albeit there are around 6-8 tables.

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        I gently disagree about Baracoa, on weekend nights the place has very steady business, and there's usually one or two of the boys in blue, enjoying their break. The best thing on the menu is the chicken with rice, but only limited quantities are available, so I've only been able to get at lunch.

        How about Cinnabar, just down the road in Glendale?

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          Up for sushi?
          Pazazz Sushi on Hyperion Ave is delicious. It's our fave sushi spot...
          They don't serve alcohol, but you can bring your own :)

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            I would not recommend Pazzaz for a night out - to me the sushi is a decent as a quick weeknight - no - time - to - cook option, but I wouldn't plan a dinner around it. I actually prefer Gelson's sushi to the fish at Pazzaz.

    2. There's a homey little place called Baracoa; serving decent cuban cuisine, right on Glendale. There is also Osteria Nonni for Italian. Right in the heart of Atwater.

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        I've never thought Baracoa was all that great-- it's never been gross or anything like that-- it's just that there is something missing... I always leave feeling like, 'eh, not bad...' Honestly though, even though it's less than a five minute walk, I'd rather haul my butt across the city to go to Versailles.

      2. There's a homey little place called Baracoa; serving decent cuban cuisine, right on Glendale. There is also Osteria Nonni for Italian. Right in the heart of Atwater.

        1. I like the Tam'o Shanter but I like kitschy places and they have Guiness on tap. I also like India Sweets and Spices, the vegetarian Indian on Los Feliz. The atmosphere is pretty much prison visiting room but the food is tasty and the market next door is terrific.

          Another poster recommends Blair's which I found really underwhelming and overpriced. I've had better luck with the Kitchen which has very nice food and very friendly prices.

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            India Sweets and Spices, while not great, is an exceptional value. Best $4 meal around.

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            Silverlake Bodhisattva

            Actually in greater Atwater, I think there's:

            Reccomended by someone, though sometimes within very specific limits:

            Osteria Nonni
            Tacos Villa Corona
            India's Sweets/Spices
            Tam O'Shanter
            The Thai place out on Fletcher (Thai Grill?)

            Mixed to lousy C'hound reviews:

            Club Tee Yee
            Whatever chain places are in the Costco/Best Buy complex (Pat & Oscars, Mimi's )
            The teriyaki/Burger place on Glendale Bl.


            1. Baracoa is the place in Atwater. India Sweets and Spices has zero atmosphere--yes to the prison cafeteria comment! Tam O'Shanter's is good if you want meat; book ahead so as to actually get a table in a nicer area of the restaurant. I am always amazed when I try to stop by there when they are full. Just across the river in Silverlake, Blair's is way expensive for what is offered in my opinion. I keep going back there to give it another try, but leave disappointed each time only to hear yet another great thing. On that same strip, though, Edendale Grill has a great atmosphere for a cocktail in the old firehouse. And down the street Nicky D's is open in the evening, now with their liquor license. The pizza place is in a two-story home turned into a restaurant.

              1. I liked Cinnabar when we went about 2 years ago. It's got a Singapore-like setting, and as I remember the fish was quite good.

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                  Ok everyone, the Cinnabar is no more. Also Osteria Nonni is gone as well, replaced by Canele, which is decent. I would second the Blair's rec. The Edendale doesn't have the best food in town, but they do have a new(er) chef who is supposed to be better. The atmosphere is lovely with the great bar and the patio seating as well.

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                    I love the bar at Edendale, and their bar menu is some of their best food. Their drinks are pretty cheap for Silverlake, too.

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                      I have lived in the area for close to twenty years and none of the restaurants wow me. Blair's is OK..the last time I went there nothing on the menu appealed to me..Edendale--love the building--the food is mediocre--Canele-like the vibe, but the menu can be dull.. I just don't get it. Why don't we have any really good places?

                      I guess I would go to Canele. I've had two really lovely meals there. The third one wasn't so great, but the others at my table enjoyed their meals. And it's in Atwater....

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                      >>>Ok everyone, the Cinnabar is no more. Also Osteria Nonni is gone as well, replaced by Canele, which is decent.<<<

                      That would be because this thread is over two years old.

                  2. The Acapulco is the only good one of the chain we have found.

                    The steak fajitas and Tacos al carbon are our favorites.