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Sep 27, 2009 09:25 PM

What do I do with unused Baking Mix powder?


I have a about 1/2 cup of buttermilk pancake & all purpose baking mix left behind. The recipes all call for at least 1 3/4 cup of mix to start with. I do not want to get another package of mix, I don't want to throw it away. Any suggestions what I can do with only 1/2 cup left of baking mix?? Thanks a lot.

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    1. re: fourunder

      Thank you, fourunder. But I am a vegan.

      1. re: ijeny

        Is there enough for you to make a corncake, possibly adding some cornmeal (Johnnycakes)

        1. re: ijeny

          Um...ijeny, buttermilk baking mix usually, if not always contains dried buttermilk which is most certainly NOT vegan. Unless you bought a vegan buttermilk baking mix (shudders to ponder it...), somethin' came from a cow at some point. adam

      2. If you are a vegan- how do you normally use it, since all the all purpose mixes and pancake mixes require an egg or two?...and then there's that buttermilk part...

        If you just add water/liquid, use a bit less than 1/3 as much (multiplication factor is 0.28) and use it for what you normally make.

        1. add enough water to make stiff dough, and bake a few biscuits in the toaster oven.

          or and egg and enough water to make a batter, and make a couple of pancakes.

          1. Buy a package of mix that you DO like. Add the remainder of the old to a batter you make with the new. I do this all the time with pancake mixes. Pancake/waffle mixes are usually made up of simple ingredients, and are usually fungible.

            OR...make your own new mix of your preferred ingredients, and add the old to it. It's mostly flours, salt, baking powder and/or soda.

            1. If you don't want to make a small quantity of pancakes, add it into your next cake recipe... I'm curious how a vegan makes buttermilk pancakes though - or were they for somebody else to eat?