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Sep 27, 2009 09:07 PM

Memorable 21st Birthday Party!!! The Abbey & Murder-Mystery theme is being considered. Suggestions please?


I'm looking to arrange for a 21st birthday party on Sat, 17 October. I'd like it to be a unique experience and am considering a few options. One of the venues I'm considering is The Abbey but I have a couple of friends who are under 21 and I'm wondering if they'll be able to get it.

Other ideas that I have is hosting a murder-mystery party like Keith & Margo (, The Dinner Detective ( or Sharpo ( Have anyone tried any of these dinner theatres before?

I briefly considered The Magic Castle but it quickly got scrapped when I realized that I didn't know anyone who was a member and I heard the food's not worth the price.

Do anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking for places with decent food that can accommodate a large group (~25 ppl) with a full bar and entertainment. I'm also hoping to be spending $40/guest (tax and beverage not included) but I realize that this may not be possible.

I also might be getting a cake from RoseBud ( Anyone have suggestions on a cheaper place to get custom cakes?

Anyway, if all else fails, I might just organize a BBQ. Thanks in advance for all the help guys. I really appreciate any information that you can give.


ETA: I live on West LA near the intersection of 405 and 10. I'm hoping to find a place within a 30 miles radius, if possible.

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  1. Maybe Dar Maghreb for hand-eating Moroccan food and belly dancing.

    1. I believe the Abbey is pretty strict about checking ID's so I'd cross that one off if you have under 21 yo friends.