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Sep 27, 2009 07:32 PM

Birthday Cake Recipe ideas for severely allergic toddler, please?

So... I received this message from an old friend this evening and figured my fellow 'hounds might be able to help out with some tried and true cake ideas:

"Lisa......need help! My 3 year old was recently diagnosed with severe food allergies. No egg,milk,soy,tree nuts and peanuts. Her birthday is in Oct. Would like to bake a cake. Do you know any cake recipes that may work and would taste yummy? If you don't, no worries! Thanks.....This is all so new for my husband and I. Want her to still be able to have a very yummy birthday cake!"

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I have not made any of these recipes, but here are a bunch for your friend to peruse...

    Also, I have made some of these mixes (my son cannot tolerate dairy products) and they are pretty good.

    1. Carrot cake? Doesn't use eggs, are pecans tree nuts - they can be omitted or substituted with raisins. The traditional icing is cream cheese but a regular white frosting would be OK. Any other cake recipe I can think of has eggs :(

        1. Here is a link to cherry chip muffins (omit the nuts from the recipe) and decorate with sprinkles. There is also a cookbook at this website your friend may be interested in getting, it is called " Cooking for Food Allergies Everyday Gourmet".

          Here is another highly rated recipe for a chocolate cake: I could not find a good frosting but you could just sprinkle powered sugar on the cake and decorate with rainbow sprinkles.

          1. This site is great:


            You can use another kind of milk instead of soy milk if the recipe calls for. Like rice milk.

            I made the Rich Chocolate Cake last month and topped it with the vegan butter cream frosting. That recipe can be found here on Chowhound.

            I made this for an event and everyone went crazy over it, especially the non-vegans. I have never been asked so many times for a recipe. (I used almond milk instead of soy milk.)

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              I have used these vegan recipes and recommend them. note that chocolate can be tricky with those allergies. Enjoy Life chocolate chips are nut and soy free. Not the best tasting but they work. The only other brands i know of are very expensive. Cocoa powder will also need to be checked to make sure it is free of nut traces.

              For frosting, you can use palm shortening (spectrum) to make American buttercream - I suggest flavoring it with real vanilla bean, mint, freeze dried fruit or something strong. You can also use coconut cream to make a whipped cream" - best stabilized, or you can make ganache with coconut cream and soy/nut free chocolate. You can also make caramel with coconut milk to flavor a frosting or fill a cake.