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Sep 27, 2009 06:45 PM

korean in orlando

I am planning on visiting Orlando in a couple weeks and am looking for good korean food. Please, no americanized korean. Thanks.

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  1. Shin Jun is my favorite by far. Great Korean BBQ joint, on Colonial near Mills.

    1. Seoul Garden is a relatively new Korean establishment off of 17/92 on Horatio near Maitland , their galbi and kimchijigae are some of the best and its owned by the former owners of korea house in longwood - my favorite

      Shin Jung - they have awesome bulgogi and galbi as well and its fun to eat tho a bit more expensive, located on colonial dr west of bumby ave in a small house with green roof. they also have great tofu stew

      Korea house - i like their noodle bowls as its huggee and tasty, their galbi is ok ,
      located off of i-4 in longwood sr 424?

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        I've been wanting to try Seoul Garden as its right by my house. Do you know if they have a website so I could check out the menu?

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          i looked for their menu online but i couldnt find it, however i do know they have great lunch specials for korean bento boxes and more for under 10$ a meal. very worth it to try. i particularly enjoyed: galbi, chicken bulgogi, bulgogi,

          some of their other dishes are a bit hit and miss tho

      2. what is americanized korean? just wondering as i have never heard the term before and have never realized there was such a thing, although i have heard of americanized chinese food and americanized japanese food

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          americanized korean food is korean food that has been modified to appeal to non-koreans. The food is less spicy and sometimes missing some of the more expensive ingredients.

        2. Bee Won off Dr. Phillips is good. I went there twice this week for lunch. Haven't gone for dinner yet.