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Fried Chicken! I'm looking for a little hole in the wall .

I've heard of a famous hole-in-the-wall fried chicken place. I think it was featured on Tony Bourdain? Anyone?

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  1. I heard the place for fried chicken is Willie Mae's Scotch House – hole in the wall known for Fried Chicken (arrive at 11am for lunch to avoid the wait)

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      Yeah! I think that's the one. Thanks!

    2. Yes that's Willie Mae's Scotch House for sure.

      1. Willie Mae's isn't exactly hole in the wall. It's a decent, sit down soul food restaurant. Just so you're not expecting a shack.

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          If you want to try a place with really good fried chicken that is closer to the French Quarter than Willie Mae's you might want to try Lil Dizzy's on Poydras (cross street is Camp) located in the Whitney Hotel building. It's not a hole in the wall (neither is Willie Mae's) but the fried chicken is excellent as is the Gumbo. Just wish I had room for dessert - thanks Big Kev & Chris.

        2. Also consider Dunbar's which is currently located in Loyola's Law School Cafeteria, in the old Dominican College location right off Broadway. I think its only open for lunch and very early dinner hours. Their fried seafood is good too.

          1. for "hole in the wall" fried chicken you have a few options: Coop's and Fiorella's are dive-y little restaurants. Mckenzie's Chicken In-a-Box is a counter service place.

            1. You are thinking of Willie Mae's. However, for a real hole-in-the-wall chicken experience, I suggest Manchu at the downriver, lakeside corner of Esplanade and Claiborne. It is a big purple place that looks like it may have once been a gas station.

              Another hole-in-the-wall could be McHardy's, on Broad a few blocks off of Esplanade.

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                My favorite is McHardys. McKenzie's Chicken in A Box is great as well. Willie Mae's is a bit overrated IMHO

              2. for an honest to goodness hole-in-the- wall revelation inspiring fried chicken, try the mardi-gras truckstop on elysian fields right past the I-10 near lowes. best chicken ever.

                1. There is a place in Metairie called Fury's. Best chicken I ever had. Hole in the wall but has class. Their prices are reasonable also.

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                    I've heard about Fury's from a few people. Where is it? Is it the kind of place that might do takeout?

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                      On Behrman, almost directly across from Dorignacs.

                  2. Just ate at Coop's Place on Decatur last week and the fried chicken was some of the best we've ever had! HIghly recommend it.

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                      Must disagrees re: Coops fried chicken. $16 will get you a generous portion of perfectly seasoned, greaseless fried chicken, corn Beligian waffles w/crystal syrup and slaw at Emeril's...available lunch M-F and brunch before 3pm Saints games.

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                          Boneless, skinless thighs. It is outstanding. My husband doesn't usually eat dark meat, even he loves it.

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                            Damn. I loveeeeee dark meat but I want the bones. And skinless? That stinks too! The skin is the best part how does he get it crispy enough haha?

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                              It is almost crunchy crisp. Try it. You won't find any that is better seasoned.

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                          Jazzy-I think you need to give Coop's friend chicken one more shot. In every chicken thread to express your displeasure however many people on here love it. You might of just had a bad day, it happens. GIve them one more shot and let us know what you think. It is delicious. I really think you just hit it on a bad day or got a hungover cook. It is juicy, crispy, and succulent. Plus, while your there you can get some great red beans and rice.....

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                            Not a chance. There are too many better options. The fried food at Coops tastes like the grease hasn't been changed in years. The chicken and oysters were greasy. Not a fan of the jambalaya either. I think a lot of Coops appeal is that it's a cheap dive. Not a problem. I just don't like the food.

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                              im not a fan either. coops forever remains "meh" to me... sure the chicken has tons of spices dumped on it, but theres more to chicken than that. and the rest of the stuff is just mushy slop on a plate. i love good hole-in-the-wall fare, but they dont do it for me on the several tries.

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                              that (emeril's fried chicken and crystal-maple waffles) sounds amazing. damn.

                          2. I've heard of a place named Two Sisters (not to be confused with the Court of Two Sisters on Royal) on Derbigny that's supposed to have real good fried chicken. Anybody been there?

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                              We had food from them, including their fried chicken, last summer. It was good, but the next day we had fried chicken from Manchu which we preferred.

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                                Two Sisters' fried chicken is pretty good. They do plate lunches in the standard meat/3 starch/veg pattern, with a few different options for your sides. The menu isn't huge, but the classics are represented - smothered or fried pork chops, smothered or fried chicken, veal stew, turkey necks or wings, red beans with sausage or pork chops, etc. etc. With your meat you get rice, veg, and potato salad, or red beans, rice, and veg, plus corn bread or white bread. Last time I was there I had veal stew (which included potatoes), rice, white bread, green beans, and potato salad. The potato salad is very good, very creamy and mustardy. And they have good lemonade too. Food plus drink will run you about $10, and it's enough for two meals.

                                My favorites for fried chicken though are McHardy's, Mr. Ed's, and Fiorella's.

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                                  FYI, Fiorellas opened a second store front on Conti at exchange alley a while back. They do absolutley no buisness there, so whatever you get, it is absolutely cooked to order. ch

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                                    Unfortunately it has closed again. They really weren't doing any business, and they didn't open back up after August vacation.

                                    Edit to add something that just occured to me: That has become a cursed location. It's been three bar/grills since it was the Sidebar. I heard that Ray of Ray's "Boom Boom" Room on Frenchmen St. has bought the building, but I don't know if that's true. As of today there's not a for sale sign, though there was for weeks after the Fiorella's closed.

                              2. The best fried chicken I've ever put in my mouth was from a dumpy little dive called The Club House Bar and Grill in Metairie. The chicken is wickedly juicy, without being the least bit greasy. How they do that, I don't know. They serve it with these amazing home made potato chips, seasoned Cajun style. Just outstanding...and cheap as hell to boot!