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Sep 27, 2009 06:35 PM

Fried Chicken! I'm looking for a little hole in the wall .

I've heard of a famous hole-in-the-wall fried chicken place. I think it was featured on Tony Bourdain? Anyone?

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  1. I heard the place for fried chicken is Willie Mae's Scotch House – hole in the wall known for Fried Chicken (arrive at 11am for lunch to avoid the wait)

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      Yeah! I think that's the one. Thanks!

    2. Yes that's Willie Mae's Scotch House for sure.

      1. Willie Mae's isn't exactly hole in the wall. It's a decent, sit down soul food restaurant. Just so you're not expecting a shack.

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          If you want to try a place with really good fried chicken that is closer to the French Quarter than Willie Mae's you might want to try Lil Dizzy's on Poydras (cross street is Camp) located in the Whitney Hotel building. It's not a hole in the wall (neither is Willie Mae's) but the fried chicken is excellent as is the Gumbo. Just wish I had room for dessert - thanks Big Kev & Chris.

        2. Also consider Dunbar's which is currently located in Loyola's Law School Cafeteria, in the old Dominican College location right off Broadway. I think its only open for lunch and very early dinner hours. Their fried seafood is good too.

          1. for "hole in the wall" fried chicken you have a few options: Coop's and Fiorella's are dive-y little restaurants. Mckenzie's Chicken In-a-Box is a counter service place.