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Sep 27, 2009 06:03 PM

Help! Where can I find Khukri rum in Calgary?

I have searched quite a bit in the NW, can't seem to find it online either. I'd be willing to travel to get it!
Also, any ideas also where the best liquor store is for selection?

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  1. Probably Willow Park Wines in Willow Park, not their other locations.

    1. A fellow fan! Besides sipping straight up it makes the most amazing vanilla ever.

      From the ALCB website don't believe it is available anywhere in Alberta. I buy it in the US when I visit though I do know it is available in other provinces as it was featured in an event in Newfoundland according to the Khukri website. It may be possible to find closer in Canada but I've never tried. I'd like to know if you do find it in BC or Sask.

      In the US it's simply a matter of finding the distributor on the Khukri website and sending them an e-mail. Even there it isn't all that common. I only found one store in Manhattan. Lexington Liquors on (obviously) Lexington and about 65th.

      1. Have you checked Kensington Wine Market? They have a fantastic selection of liquors if memory serves :)

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          I thought that if it isn't on the ALCB list that it isn't available in Alberta? I'd love to find out that I'm wrong. I do see that there is a contact if you want to bring in something not on the list but I've never tried that. I wonder if you need to order a case.

          1. re: sharonanne

            Good point...I wasn't through my first coffee when I posted. I guess I was hoping if a retailer had enough requests they might be able to bring it in? I wonder if you can get around the ALCB issue and get it at the Duty Free at the airport?

            ETA: I sent an email asking for contact info their Canadian distributor (if any)...if/when I get a response I'll post here.

            1. re: maplesugar

              I've looked at the airport duty free shops and they have a worse selection than my local liquor store,

              1. re: sharonanne

                Ah was a long shot at best... here's hoping I get a response from the distiller.