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Sep 27, 2009 05:33 PM

Late Evening eating

My wife and I are getting into New Orleans airport around 9 pm. By the time we pick up our bags and get to the Hilton Riverside, I am anticipating it will be after 10 pm.

I know that there are lots of choices within walking distance available in the French Quarter for a casual meal - I am thinking something like a Po-Boy or seafood, but many of the places say that they close at 10 pm.

Any favorites?

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  1. good luck...I can't think of anyplace for that time of night other than a Takee-Outee sort of place. In days gone by the Napoleon House would make a sandwich late but I think they shut their kitchen--such as it is---by 10:00. Is Maspero's open later? I simply don;t know...maybe someone else can ride to the rescue.

    1. What time does Coop's close? Web site doesn't say.

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        that's a good idea--Coops never hits my radar screen so I am glad someone out there is thinking.

      2. Angeli on Decatur is open til 2 on weekdays, but it's not a particularly New Orleans-y place. Still good though. I bet Coops would be open and they will have the staples of the city. There is a great diner called Clover Grill on Bourbon, but it's a bit of a hike and again not New Orleans-centric. Domenica in the newly refurbed Roosevelt hotel (Besh's new Italian restuarant) is open until 11 as well. Supposed to be very good, though I do not know personally.