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Sep 27, 2009 05:01 PM

what the &*%#**!!! is a Buddhist Duck?

Husband went to a local Asian market looking for duck. He found a frozen one which was labeled "buddhist duck". We thawed today. It is kind of a scrawny duck with feet intact and no little package of entrails inside. Would love to know more about this fowl.
Anyone have knowledge of the various subtleties of ducks found in Asian markets?

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  1. I'm not sure excatly but it costs $11.95 at the New Hawaii Sea restaurant in the Bronx....
    New Hawaii Sea
    BRONX, NY 10461
    (718) 863-7900

    Actually, I think it's Tofu in a configuration that replicates a real duck, only the head and feet are somehow attached/included.

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      I think you're almost there, Gio. I googled, too--here's what I found (an oldie, but still relevant, obviously!):

      Whodathunk?! What the cluck? OK, what the quack, but still. ;)

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        Not tofu. We roasted it tonight sameas for any (non-religious) duck. Very flavorful but no a whole lot of meat.

    2. It's vegetarian.

      Made from either seitan or bean curd sheets.

      1. I believe it's one that's prepared in a specific way for cooking as a religious offering. Buddhist vegetarian duck is a whole nother thing.

        1. It's similar to Buddhist style chicken. Buddhist style chickens are generally scrawny because they are able to roam free. The chickens most Americans tend to eat have been factory raised in coops where they are not allowed to roam which leads to a fattier chicken.

          I've only cooked a whole duck twice in my entire life. First one was a regular duck. Second one was Buddhist style duck. There was indeed less fat rendered off the Buddhist one.

          Here's an old NYT article that talks about Buddhist chickens.

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            We've talked about this on the San Francisco Bay Area board, here's the post with a link to the regs,

            The difference in fat content between the two ducks could also be related to breed. The ducks sold in Chinese markets in SF are Pekin and they're smaller with less gobs of fat than others.

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              Thanks for the links. The information was very helpful. Funny thing was the label also said "no head or feet" but there was one head -tucked under wing as noted in NYT article, and 2 feet (much better than the other way around).

            2. there's a pun in here somewhere and i won't be able to sleep until i find it

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                Rest easy:

                Would a Buddhist eat a Buddhist duck? Why raise them? For that matter, are they even raised by Buddhists?

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                  Not necessarily raised by Buddhists but not all Buddhists - the real ones, not the Hollywood bandwagon a good number of whom are underinformed types - are necessarily vegetarian.

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                    buddha certainly wasn't a vegetarian, as the most oft told story of his death involves choking on a piece of pork

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                        What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?
                        Make me one with everything!

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                            ,,,and after he was served, he paid the hot dog vendor. Moments later he asked for his change. The vendor said "Ah, change comes from within!"