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Sep 27, 2009 04:41 PM

I will be in Paris for three weeks NEED Great Restaurants

I am in Paris in the 3rd for three weeks. We are going to FRENCHIE, L'Ami Jean, lining up for lunch at Le Comptoir,
Need a great bakery in the 3rd.
And more restaurants.
thanks all

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  1. Bakery-Les Pains et Les Idees at Jacques Bonsergent metro

    1. Bakery suggestion -- Pain du Sucre in the 3rd. Excellent pastries.

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      1. re: Nancy S.

        Just to complete the previous reply: Pain de Sucre is at 14, Rue Rambuteau.

        Open daily 10 AM to 8 PM except Tue and Wed.

      2. Thanks for the bakeries. How about more Restaurants?

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        1. re: vagabondbk

          There are 8,000 restaurants in Paris; do you have some parameters to narrow it down? You could also check the Pudlo, now available in English...

        2. dinner at Frenchie is excellent and a good's in the 2nd

          1. We would like places under 50 euros for dinner .
            We are staying in the 3rd but will travel for great food.
            thanks all

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            1. re: vagabondbk

              That narrows it down to about 2000 restaurants, vagabond. Just "window shop" (restaurants are required to post menus prominently) and there's a 98% chance you will enjoy the one you select.